Jonesing On Basecamp!

My pardners in crime and I are wrenching on the startup stuff via Basecamp.

If you haven’t tried a virtual workspace yet… Do yourself a favor and try Basecamp. It’s hella good! Made better with this Basecamp coupon code: 5E8CPH3SMJ which is good for $10 off your first month’s bill. Additionally, use SVNSPECIAL to save $10 off your first month of Campfire and JMPEZ7XDKT to save $5 off your first month of Backpack.

I’m sometimes late to the dance (by early adopter standards). Dad still wonders what a “blog” is. So, I’m not THAT late on the scene. But, still, I’m just now discovering what all the pitch over 37Signals has been about. Oh man!… WELL deserved!

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3 Comments on “Jonesing On Basecamp!”

  1. Tom Jacobs Says:

    I tried Basecamp and I read a lot about it. I think the tool is made for web-designers mostly. I’m not one of them and I need more features and more flexibility. The only tool that was able to provide it for me was Wrike.

  2. Sal Says:

    True. BC is simple. Though when we wanted reporting, issue tracking (for our web developers) we turned to DeskAway –

  3. If you’re looking for reporting from Basecamp check out Export (

    It let’s you export Basecamp projects to PDF!

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