Selling my AppleTV, Airport Extreme… +

That’s right… I’m selling the following by sun down Sunday night:

  • 1 AppleTV (+ several extra HDMI doodads)
  • 1 Original used iSight Camera
  • 1 iPod (third gen, Mac + Firewire)
  • 1 Video iPod (fifth gen, USB)
  • 1 Airport Extreme
  • 1 Final Cut Studio Pro 2 (not my HD version)
  • 2 Maxtor Maxline Plus II drives
  • 1 Adesso Flexible Full-sized Keyboard (PS2 + USB)

I’m not going to be too proud about any of this stuff. All have seen very light – light use. Make me a fair offer (anticipating I’ll ship however you prefer factored into our agreed upon price). Paypal transactions preferred.

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