Once More, Why Mrs. Clinton Loses In My Book

Does Mrs. Clinton REALLY see Big Oil as her own personal ATM machine? Seems so. From here…

“We can’t just plan for the future, we have to help people in the here and now… We need to go after the oil companies,” she said.

WTF!? How does pilfering the oil industry HELP plan for the future or HELP our citizenry here and now. No, ma’am, “we” don’t need to do any such thing! Why don’t “YOU” give that a go. That’s right. You just traipse your finely polished little self to Houston and try that little exercise on for size. I double dog dare you. That has to be one of the more moronic moves I’ve heard from any of the candidates. Absolutely asinine and irresponsible. Besides, what a wonderful and novel new way to fuel an economy. Pillage and punish performance and the whole motive of free trade in the first place. That plan really scales. Sure… make a profit. But… whoa there fella! Not too much there bub or we’ll have to take some of that back and redistribute as WE see fit.

I call BS! Mrs. Clinton, while you’re at it and in the general neighborhood go to Wal*Mart HQ (you remember the way? or has it been too long since you’ve been back “home”) and sock it to those who brought you to the dance. And, hell, why stop there!?… Just take a tour around the states and sock it to every mom-and-pop you can find reporting a profit of ANY size and fleece them down as well. Oooh, better yet, come to Tulsa and pick me. I’m good for a sound bite (more bite than sound truth be told).

Call me old fashioned but didn’t we declare our independence from The Crown some 200+ years ago over taxation, representation, due process and certain freedoms? Seems to me the “new boss is same as the old boss.”

[EDIT: And to put matters into a more interesting frame… Look at all the MONEY she’s accepted from the same oil companies she wants to tear into. Draw your own conclusions. I see an equal opportunity shill.]

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One Comment on “Once More, Why Mrs. Clinton Loses In My Book”

  1. Ardent Says:

    As is often the case, the cartoonist/commentator Pat Oliphant hit it squarely on the head on the HRC Gas Tax deal – http://news.yahoo.com/comics/uclickcomics/20080505/cx_po_uc/po20080505

    Isn’t the main problem of Zimbabwe not being able to feed its people a direct result of the government “redistributing” the land?

    The big take-away from this Demo primary is that HRC will literally do anything to get the nomination – and if so, then to win it all. she’s clearly willing to destroy her own party and any chance of the other candidate winning in the fall if she doesn;t get the nomination. Some people give ruthless ambition a bad name.

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