Calling ALL Native Oklahomans. Come Home.

We want you back!

I was talking with Dave Winer and Melissa Seckington while in London about the merits of Tulsa and Oklahoma in general. Dave strikes me as a hard sell across the board. I still stand by what I told him… Oklahoma has a TERRIFIC cost of living particularly if you’re moving here from someplace like the Valley. It’s slow to be affected by turndowns (except of the telecom and energy variety) and is incredibly quick to rebound.

We haven’t had much, if any, fallout from the larger mortgage crap. Our housing prices are actually on the rise. Yes, houses are staying on the market a little longer. But, they’re still selling briskly. AND… they’re selling for record prices. We have the best gasoline prices in the nation. We have companies like Google locating their data facilities here. Our roads and bridges can only get better. We have lakes out the yazoo. Fishing and watersports are amazing. Yes, we have tornados. We see em coming with plenty of time to react (unlike certain… earthquake prone places).

This is all culminating in a situation where Oklahoma has one of the best employment stories in the nation. People aren’t being downsized in large numbers. Those who are… aren’t staying on unemployment very long at all. The job market is THAT tight here. Compensation is having to step up to woo candidates. It’s a really good situation.

So, we want Okies to come home in particular. That’s what the new Ning network called Project Boomerang is all about. Check it out. And, if you’re not originally from Oklahoma… we’d love to have the chance to adopt you as de facto Okies.

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One Comment on “Calling ALL Native Oklahomans. Come Home.”

  1. Angie Says:

    I’ve always said that Oklahoma (Tulsa specifically) is like a big rubber band, eventually pulling you back home. Seen it happen time and time again.

    When I have some more time, I’m going to check out that site.

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