Thanks Brad R.!

There will be times in life where you wonder, “What’s my purpose? What am I excited by? What are my naturally good tendencies? Is there opportunity there?” There will be times when you’re stumped BUT someone else sees the answers smeared on you plain as day. Such was the case with Brad. I was in the early stages of a funk and Brad offered a simple observation I just totally missed.

See, I often thought of myself as a manager with product oriented tendencies. Turns out I’m not AND never have been. I’m a sales and marketing sort. I get people in the door. I put butts in seats. I get people signed on to a program. I’m a cheerleader. I have a place on the project team. Sometimes as the sponsor. Sometimes as the sales wonk.

Brad saw this in me. We were sitting in my office having a candid conversation about a current project or Macs or kids or co-workers from a previous life… something. And he just blurted out, “You really ought to go into sales.” WHAT!? I say something like, “No way! Everyone hates those guys. Well, frankly, they hate seeing them coming from a mile away. But, don’t give them a second thought when they’re out of sight. No, Brad, you’re mistaken. That’s not me and it’s not remotely what I want or what I’m good at.” Now, Brad’s a SalesMan. He’s made lots of living selling. And, not just selling any old thing. He sold printing at a grand scale. Printing! So, the old adage, “Takes one to know one.” Yeah….

A career shift or two later it turns out Brad was right. Very right indeed. As always, Brad… I should have listened to you bud. Miss you and hope one day you’ll forgive me and return a call every now and then.

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One Comment on “Thanks Brad R.!”

  1. Brad R. Says:

    You’re a good man Buckley. Let’s catch up sometime. Lunch is on me.

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