Why’s it Called “Better” Business Bureau?

Why is the BBB called the “Better” Business Bureau when what they do is keep tabs on people who do crappy things? They don’t report on Businesses that do exceptionally good things to my knowledge.

In fact, one of my friends recounted a situation with his local Better Business Bureau’s Exectutive Director who ACTIVELY ran a campaign to delay my friend’s application to the BBB because they were newly arrived competitors to someone this Director guy knew and liked.


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One Comment on “Why’s it Called “Better” Business Bureau?”

  1. Gary Szabo Says:

    AMEN! It’s a racket.

    Years ago (geologic time) my wife’s P.R. firm had a trade-out with a client (Merry Maids). The maids broke things, stole cosmetics, etc. In a nutshell the Merry Maids franchise owner was a BBB member, and the P.R. agency’s efforts to seek redress through BBB (the only option available via their contract) was effectively stonewalled by the Executive Director. Same guy? Or all they all corrupt?

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