I’m A Mac.

“Software out there is made to be compatible with your whole life.”

Betcha can’t guess who said that? Go ahead. Nah, c’mon… you can get it right.

Close! But, no, not him.

Ooh, yeah, same city… but, no, not him either. One more.

Bzzzzt! Nope. Didn’t get it. But, all three of your guesses were in the right Seattle behemoth company that doesn’t have a clue.

The above is attributed to Microsoft’s VP of Windows Vista Consumer Marketing, Brad Brooks. What he doesn’t quite realize… Apple’s software IS made to be compatible. With my whole life. So, why exactly is it MS is spending a gazillion new ad dollars to get the word out Vista sucks less than everyone knows it does?

Bring back Bill. He was at least a worthy adversary.

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