iPhone 2.0 Installed

Thanks to MacRumors links and methods I’m now sporting iPhone 2.0 firmware a few hours earlier than your average bear will have it.

Will be loading up my already downloaded AppStore apps momentarily. Feel it’s safe to assume this is the golden master distro as the iPhone 3G is already on sale in New Zealand.

[EDIT: Still no SVG graphics support in the new Safari. This effectively renders Google Analytics checking useless via iPhone. c’mon Apple!]

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2 Comments on “iPhone 2.0 Installed”

  1. Huh – well that sucks about the SVG. I didn’t know that Google Analytics still used SVG…

  2. stelt Says:

    I guess it needs another iPhone Safari upgrade before SVG is natively avialable in the browser there. In the mean time maybe this helps you: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2325352,00.asp

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