iPhone: Loopt

I was holding out to see how the original silverback iPhone would be with the new geolocation services. Turns out it’s really very good! On the drive from home I was using Loopt (a new app from the AppStore) to check for accuracy and was VERY impressed with how well it tracked me on the drive in to work.

So, the iPhone 2.0 firmware upgrade is SO good it cut the legs out from under my reasons to upgrade to the 3G. I’m not such a bandwidth consumer that I need the marginally more expensive ‘fast’ connect speed or the additional storage.

Now, one of these days, when Apple gets with the program and does a video upgrade to the phone… sure. I see absolutely no need or justification to pony up from the 8Gb original iPhone I’m toting to the new gear.

That said, tell me why YOU upgrade from your silverback iPhone to the 3G? Newest and coolest? Connect speed? Storage? The flush headphone connection? Better power management/battery life?

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2 Comments on “iPhone: Loopt”

  1. rwbronco Says:

    I personally don’t plan on it… I definitely would have to had I not been able to load the new apps onto my 1st gen iphone…the changes just don’t warrant another $200 to me. Those apps sure do look yummy!

  2. Bart Lee Says:

    I feel the same way. The 2.0 update and App Store makes my original iPhone feel like a new one. I can endure the slightly longer wait for a page to load in those instances I’m out of wifi range. I’ll get to keep my cheaper plan and get longer battery life, while still enjoying almost all the new goodies. One thing I realized today after playing with all the new apps is that I’m going to need all the battery I can get.

    Once they introduce a 32GB model with video camera, I’ll upgrade. I reserve the right to change my mind if the speakerphone is as improved on the iPhone 3G as they claim it is.

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