Proof My iPhone Multitasks!

Alexander Wolfe at Information Week has it mostly right when he says,

“the iPhone won’t run more than one app at a time, so when users switch applications, whatever is running in the background will get killed.”

Actually, my iPhone (AND your’s) multitasks all the time. Do this, launch iTunes on your iPhone. Play a song. Now press the home button and launch any other app you like: Calendar; Mail, anything. Is your music still playing? Now, go to your desktop computer and send your iPhone an email or SMS message. You may have interuppted your song for a second but the fact is your iPhone is polling for those messages while other stuff is going on. Ergo, multitasking IS happening. Multiple threads are running simultaneously. Or so it appears. Apple has the ability to allow biasing of apps. It’s evident in our phones right now. It’s subtle and is easy to miss. But, it is happening.

So, when Scott Forstall gets up on the keynote and says something like, “No multitasking because of…” yada, yada… it’s more of their Jedi Mind Trick stuff. “These aren’t the apps your looking for.”

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