REVIEW: iSkin ProTouch

Occassionally I’m approached with an opportunity to review products that might be of interest to my Mac toting friends out there. Sometimes I’ll run with it and I’m really glad I did in this case.

The iSkin ProTouch is an interesting product. It’s billed as a anti-microbial barrier. All well and good. What it does right off the bat is keep hair, dust and muck out of my laptop keyboard. I’ve had six Mac laptops (the original luggable, a Duo 230 which I loved like a child, a WallStreet, a TiBook, a PowerBook G4 and the MacBook Pro I’m writing on). Each one has accumulated nasties that a keyboard cover could have prevented.

My first two observations about this keyboard protector have to do with it’s “feel”. You know how surgical gloves feel? Sorta slick and a tad thick. That’s how this feels – like I’m typing with surgical gloves on. Going from a naked keyboard to one with a cover is a big tactile adjustment for me. Not one I respond well to right off. The second issue – the edges of the cover don’t adequately overlap the deck of the laptop. My thumbs generally rest on the space bar and were frequently pushing the iSkin down into the keyboard well. It’s not a big thing. But, a minor annoyance is still a minor annoyance.

A real concern I have is when it’s covering my keyboard… the MacBook Pro fan comes on more frequently and the laptop gets warmer to the touch of my skin (yes… my lap). So, it comes down to a trade off for me. No microbials on my keys or slow-roasted lap steaks.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the iSkin. But, not so well as to keep it on permanently. And, obviously I’ve never felt so strongly about the muck gathering under my keys to buy one of these covers for myself.

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