Shhhh…. I’m a PC, too

Rumor has it Redmond is running a new ad or three. Good for them. Those Jerry ads were… well… weird. Creepy weird.

The new ones are actually kinda safely predicatble. Hi, I’m a PC. & I’m a PC. & I’m a PC. Might as well have said, “Hi I’m a human.”

DUH! WE know you’re a PC. How uninspiring it is to show cut after cut of “Hi I’m a PC” when being a PC (as you show it) isn’t… inspiring or even entertaining. Well… the “I make energy out of number 2” was memorable. But…? “I wear glasses” or “I wear headbands” or “this is my office”!? C’mon!

I know a few folks at Crispin Porter & Bogusky. They do AMAZING work! Subservient Chicken. Volkswagen. Mini Cooper. Plus a bazillion others that really rock. But, this… This smells like Redmond PR was all over it and watering it down until it wasn’t a what it should have been. Kinda like some beers I had moons ago. YUCK!

“OK, Gerald… what would you have done – Smart ass?” More cowbell baby. More cowbell. Let’s say the I’m-A-PC theme was a must have. Let’s start there. I would have been REAL cheeky with it. And, the big judo move at the end… the BIG reveal… cut to a laptop zooming by with the familiar Redmond flagship startup screen on it. The audio sounds like screeching tires… we back up to see a MacBook Air user on a parkbench starting up that other OS (because, you know we can)… voiceover says, “Shhhh… I’m a PC too.”

Talk about hijacking the other guys’ mojo!

Why the MBAir?… it’s the most recognizable of the Apple lineup. Why show an Apple “anything”? Cause it would piss ME off as an Apple fanatic. It would rattle cages. And, it would say to the Windows faithful… “We’re SO in demand even the OTHER guy runs our junk.” It’s risky to be sure. But, if I REALLY believed in my platform (and I know the Monkey Man does) that’s what I’d do.

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2 Comments on “Shhhh…. I’m a PC, too”

  1. Angie Says:

    Of course you know that the “I’m a PC” spots were created on a Mac, right?

  2. Shhhh! Can’t let EVERYONE know these things! 😉

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