What Gives?!

I’ve had less to say lately than ever before and more to do lately than ever before.

As things heat up in my various roles at work, with my startup and on the home front… there’s just a lot less time to devote to blogging. For me, personally, it’s been an extension of my life experience to be able to take a half-hour and compose a decent post regarding say the impending release of Leopard or the latest from MarketCircle or to delve into some of the more speculative aspects of what’s around the bend for the Apple experience.

So, what has been going on? OK.. in a nutshell.

I met Jay Shuster a couple weeks ago. You know his work. He’s the sketch artist behind Pixar’s Cars and Wall*E. Neat, neat guy. Also, at the same event (Art Directors Club of Tulsa) was Michael Wallis, author of the defining book on Route 66 and consultant to Pixar for the movie Cars. He actually lives in Tulsa.

Somewhere around here is my ass. It’ll turn up someday. I was up painting on the 24′ ladder one day and my behind just fell off. BAM! it hit the ground and I haven’t seen it since. Between all the obligations I have stacked up there’s about four hours of “sleep” each night.

Wwaah! wwwahhhh! I know… Actually I love it as there’s never a dull moment. For instance, right now I have a dual processor G5 XServe gutted on my desk at the office. It’s giving me some (phantom) ass pain with the odd stuff it’s doing (basically, it wouldn’t power up consistently and when it did… it wouldn’t boot). Fortunately we have an AppleCare Service kit for it. Replaced everything there is to replace via the kit and the problem remains. Without getting into the details of the whats, whys and such… It’s problems like these that sometimes give me the a lot of joy. Being able to say, “Problem solved. What’s next?” is a treat whether it’s hardware, business finance or a key hiring decision.

So, if I do go silent for long spells here you might check the Grocio blog (chances are good if I’m quiet here I’m quiet there) or you could conclude I’m just absorbed in things best left not blogged about for now.

Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving’s were great and you Christmases are queued up to be great.

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One Comment on “What Gives?!”

  1. Chad W Smith Says:

    Hey Gerald,

    I recently had a very similiar problem. I had to get a new hard drive and reinstall OS X. Well, I didn’t do it, the shop did, but the point it, it was a failed hard drive. You might want to see if that would help. If you can log in, do a time machine back up (or whatever back up you use), and then slap a new drive in there.

    Or, you could use some of that $30K you just won to buy a Mac Pro and join the Intel generation. 🙂

    And Merry Christmas buddy! Still got that coffee waiting for ya in Saint Louie.

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