I Call “B.S.” re. Safari on iPhone!

Paraphrasing here… but when Steve Jobs claims Safari on iPhone is a full featured web browser and the best mobile browser there is… I just can’t resist calling Bull Shit! (emphasis very definitely  mine)

I simply point to the continuing saga that is Flash (lite or otherwise) for iPhone.There are two possibilities here. It’s way down in the skunkworks and is getting some serious polish applied to it and we’ll see it when we see it. Which is classic Apple. OR (and this is more likely) there is something getting in the way – politics, technology, something and we’ll never know about it fully. Keep in mind Apple and Adobe have a love/hate relationship. For those of you not in the know just look at the business that is Adobe and you’ll see where their bread is buttered (hint: it ain’t the Mac platform and they tend to launch products on the Windows platform first). The love between these two companies is shallow and doesn’t run much deeper than the the thickness of the income statement.

Look. I own an iPhone. I was one of the masses on Day One. Still have that phone. Use it on a daily basis. It’s shortcomings are piling up though in light of the onslaught of feature rich alternates (Google Gears, non-Quicktime video, higher quality photo optics/zooming, copy/paste, not to mention bluetooth stereo, etc… the list is LONG). It’s an OK phone and a slick interface. But the arms race has heated up and it’s incumbent upon Apple (as the instigator) to maintain the high ground. I don’t think they have the balls to do what it takes to mature the platform fast enough to stay competitive in the long run. Even though they dropped “Computer” from their name… that’s what they remain. An OS and application company.

Folks, the reality distortion field has weakened greatly of late and Apple has a choice to make. Open up a bit or don’t. Tim Cook’s job is maybe a little easier should Jobs not come back. But, until that shadow is dealt with… I’m betting Apple doesn’t open the iPhone’s web browser fully and my declaration of BS stands for a while longer.

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