Blogging Odometer Hits 700,000

Well, I’ve been at this now for four+ years and we just passed the 700,000 visitors served mark.

It’s taken about 5 months to rack up each of the last couple of 100,000 marks. Lately I’ve been spending the majority of my time on my startup and on some of the other social networking sites and less time writing. Once the Snow Leopard release arrives I’ll have MUCH more to blog about.

The “Installing Leopard from DMG” post is by far the most popular post here.

The “Open Letter to Tim Cook” post resulted in an interesting conversation I can only write about AFTER a certain something happens. And, of ALL the 1,100 posts to date… it’s the one post I’m most proud of. And, before too long, you’ll see why: I’m told it’s going to manifest in a major announcement out of Cupertino.

Finally, ALL of the comments and commenters are so very appreciated. Keep ’em coming.

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