[REVIEW] iFrogz Earpollution Earbuds

iFrogz was kind enough to send me a pair of their Earpollution Earbuds to review. The short of it: They’re decent earbuds at a good value. More after the jump…

I’ll be honest and say, in my opinion, I still like the stock iPhone earbuds better overall. I tend to make handsfree calls while I’m driving and the noise cancelling mic on the Earpollution HAS been getting better feedback from people on the other end of my iPhone calls than the stock Apple earbuds. That’s really important. On my part, though, when I’m driving, I notice more noise from my environment (road noise, radio, etc) through the Earpollution buds. Which, for emergency vehicles… might be important too. The audio clarity and range seem to be about the same to me.

Amenities… The iFrogz box came with a variety of earbud cups to attach and I may have really odd shaped ears, I dunno. I never found a cup that created a nice seal. Your mileage may vary.

They also have the ability to control your iPhone with an inline clicker.

Let’s say you’ve lost or damaged your stock iPhone earbuds and are looking to replace them. The good news is there are decent options at a nice value point.

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