Mac Warcraft Multiboxing

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for the past several years and have a primary level 90 raiding toon (iLvl 558 Ret Paladin) and a secondary “alt” that I use for gathering herbs and ores (up to level 70 zones). My guilds full of people my age and in some cases older (which = more mature behavior more often).

Warcraft on Mac is significantly similar to the PC version (which I’ve downloaded in the past). The thing I like most about the Mac version… FAR less malware exploits.

I discovered something nice about the Mac version though for multi boxing purposes… I can completely duplicate the World of Warcraft directory in the Applications folder (rename it to “WoW2” or something equally unique) and launch BOTH Warcraft apps simultaneously.

Why would I do this? Multiboxing of course!

What IS multi boxing? It’s where you have two or more accounts and log into each but control all your characters via one (very well thought out) keyboard arrangement. The two most basic concepts to keep in mind here on the Mac:

  1. You have to have two or more PAID accounts; and
  2. You have to have multiple Warcraft apps running and logged in on your Mac.

Everything else is academic and depends on which class of characters you’re running. The purpose of doing this is many faceted. Some people like the idea of being largely self-sufficient to the point of tanking, damaging and healing the whole group from a single keyboard. Others like the idea of running a purely damage dealing wall of pain, etc. Whatever your rationale it’s a fun and fast way to level a bank of toons in no time flat. With the Refer-A-Friend (RAF) and rested and guild bonuses for leveling it’s not uncommon to see a multi boxed bank of toons go from 1-90 in a two week span of casual play. That’s no small feat.

The only thing I used to accomplish this is CloneKeys. I’m not saying it’s the best method. But it did work nicely and achieved what I was after: Flying from one ore node to the next with a my high level (protector) toon while my only slightly lower level toon gathered stuff. I didn’t have to switch from app window to app window. I created a simple script to dismount, auto-gather and auto-target/attack if necessary. Then I created a script to remount up.

Pretty simple concept and very effective.

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