IF Cellebrite Can Crack any iPhone, THEN…

As this article posits, Cellebrite can now crack any iPhone.

OK. Suppose that’s a true statement. Every single iPhone is now susceptible to lawful (or unlawful) compromise.

If you’re an iPhone owner does this change your behavior? If you’re a law abiding citizen I’m betting you’re not changing your buying habits until this becomes a glaring problem (such as your phone being routinely and remotely jacked).

If you’re Apple does this change your behavior. I hope the answer is unequivocally and emphatically, “Yes!” Apple went to the mat with the US Dept of Justice over this very topic. Now that there may be a universal crack for the iPhone if I’m Apple my behavior very definitely would change.

First, no more face sensors, no more biometric security. I have an old janky iPhone 5. It’s slow as hell and busted up to the point of failure. But, it’s locked tight. I don’t want some ying yang authority forcing me to look at my phone or give up my fingerprint. There are files, emails, texts I don’t want anyone having access to excepting the intended recipient. Why? Privacy. That’s why. The same reason we don’t have a party line telephone system any more. The same reason I don’t keep my bills on the front porch or my office correspondence printed and out in plain sight. Privacy. Plain and simple. In the U.S. it’s still in our Bill of Rights. It’s being frayed generation after generation but it’s still there.

If I’m Apple I’m spending an inordinate amount of time and resources figuring out how very clever people are reverse engineering iOS and then I work my ass off to plug those holes. I love Apple. Love the principled stand they take on things (even if I disagree with those stands). Apple is chockablock full of very, very smart people and if anyone can out-clever very clever it is Apple. I hope they’re modding phones and honeypotting Cellebrite in ways that expose their methods.

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