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AppleTV and iTunes Store (pics)

June 20, 2007

OK, it’s happening. Don’t know when. But, it’s happening.

DSC00099 In the new settings there is now an iTunes Store listing
DSC00100 But, all it does (for now) is ask… For which country?
DSC00101 And, just in case you’re geeky enough to want to know…

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AppleTV Runs Leopard

March 23, 2007

It’s pretty obvious folks. AppleTV runs a mod of Leopard.

The screen saver for one: Core Animation.

I’m going to enjoy watching how this first OS update behaves. Does the device auto update? (probably). Can it be updated by an Apple Update Server on the network? (Ah! Now THAT’s kind of interesting talk!) After all the build in the unit I have is 8N5107. Which is conspicuously enumerated betwixt Tiger and Leopard’s seeds naming conventions. Hmm?

OK, for the conclusive bit I’d like to offer one last bit of puffery (which, alas, I cannot prove out myself at present). Has anyone connected the unit directly to their Mac and tried to BOOT off of it? Haven’t seen or heard of that trick being attempted yet… NOTE: I cannot be held liable for whatever (good or bad) comes of this musing. Beware, foul things could happen as a result should you try this.

I’m particularly interested to see how it behaves in conjunction with the latest Leopard seed. Shouldn’t be any different. But, you never know… All the doors and windows are less than locked down on the seeds…

Film at 11 (AppleTV)

March 22, 2007

Well, better late than never… The unboxing is now unceremoniously boring and “over”. However, the poking and prodding and port sniffing and console watching and peripheral connecting is about to commence. Before I get to all that though… You deserve to see the goodies…

AppleTV Unboxing
Nicely arranged desktop. Normally not so neat and tidy.

Digging in now.

Ooooh. THAT was easy! Connected it to a projector… Worked like a champ. Sync’d with no probs.

Yeah, so, OK… I’m liking this a lot.

Gizmodo’s Got Your AppleTV…

March 21, 2007

Right here

For that matter so does c|net.

Uncle Walt’s AppleTV Review

March 21, 2007

Walt Mossberg’s FULL AppleTV Review is online now.

AppleTV Manual

March 20, 2007

The AppleTV manual should have already appeared at Apple’s site (here).

Inexplicably ends in a 404 “Page Not Found”. That’s where it will be though…

Meanwhile, if you’d like to look at the XServe manuals, etc… Go here for starters. They’re all there (well, except for the AppleTV and the iPhone).

AppleTV Preferences (IMAGE)

March 20, 2007

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Unboxing photos to be posted ASAP!

Blogs the world over are about to have similar pics… Hope I’m early to the dance.

Go to iTunes prefs (you’ll need the NEWEST iTunes update) and then you’ll see the AppleTV prefs. Once your AppleTV is up and running guess what you’d be seeing!? 🙂

AppleTV (click for larger image)

All makes perfect sense as iTunes is the LOGICAL conduit Apple has with parity across platforms. Brilliant!