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Beating Bejesus Out Of OSX Leopard

September 4, 2007

I keep giving Leopard Server aka 9A528a (and now Client aka 9A527) a pounding like never before and it just takes it and responds SO-O-O-O-O very well. Got Server blasting 5×5 on an Intel XServe and OMG! This is it folks. Apple’s probably got one more pre-GM release in them and we’re off to the races. 9A527 on a MBPro is a screamer.

The 300 soundtrack while coding on Leopard is PRECISELY the right tempo. Especially “Fever Dream” by Tyler Bates

The Brave 300

March 31, 2007

Landed at LAX just a bit ago. First thing on my agenda after arranging my affairs at the hotel was to find the closest screening of 300. Making my way back to the hotel after the movie all I could do was think about the plot, the choreography of the scenes, the costumes, the musical score (which was definitely not Spartan). Even the credits… sheesh! Did Quentin T. have a hand in this thing!?

I read the “Hot Gates” some years ago. Liked it. Frank Miller’s version of the story is typically glorified and heightened to match the legend. Very nicely done and most definitely among the first movies I will want to own on Blu-Ray.

NOT a chick flick… or, put another way… a very few chicks are going to appreciate it the way I think it was intended. ’nuff said.

Tomorrow’s full of meetings. Sunday… a Russian submarine tour in the Long Beach harbor (next to the Queen Mary). Any up for a get together?