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Apple’s Next Gen Products

July 27, 2007

Apple flashed some guidance that has those of us in the contrails of the iPhone launch reading the tea leaves for heady news once again.

“Product transition” would normally not garner ANY press. But, it’s Apple after all. So, we’re all back to the guessing game of what, when, where and how (we don’t much care about Why: it’s Apple!).

Some speculation is the iMac is about to get an aluminum clad look. Others, the iPhone is about to go 6G and inherit multi-touch. Still others are going way out on a limb and suggesting Apple has an ultra secret UMPC up their sleeves. Whatever it is, it’s enough for Apple to suggest lowered guidance to the analysts in their last call (which I listened to while it was in progress). Total speculation here, but it might just be Apple is now tending toward pre-announcement of product and is wise enough to tell the analysts – in hushed tones – we’re going to announce stuff in one quarter that will tight-hole us till the next. One analyst (Bear Stearns I think) asked why they should put any credence in this guidance since last quarter was such a runaway miss. I love Apple’s answer which was basically, Go pound sand, it is what it is.

If the rumor mill is worth its salt (and often it’s not) then we should be getting a news of the new stuff in the August timeline. One thing is certain, Leopard is going golden master release one of the 31 days in October. The 9A499 seed from Tuesday is SWEET! and once again reminds me… for all the frustrations I have with Apple (there are many)… They have some of the coolest stuff under the hood I’ve ever had the privilege to bang on.

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Leopard 9A499

July 25, 2007

ADC Members (Select and Premier)… your 9A499 images of client and server are now available at ADC. Come and get it!

Pixar’s Lifted

Leopard and USB As Startup Volume

July 8, 2007

MacOSX Leopad 9A466

In a word… “Don’t.” It’s not that it can’t or shouldn’t… it’s kind of a boondoggle for most.

Use your time to best advantage and begin with restoring to dual layer DVD or IEEE 1394 (FireWire). That’s your best bet.

That said, There have been enough people asking in my other topic “Installing Leopard from DMG” why it won’t work with their USB drive. I don’t know the full technical answer to satisfy those who are truly asking for a technical explanation… I just know Apple has been fairly consistent with prohibiting the booting of Tiger and now Leopard on USB. I vaguely recall Panther launching on a USB mounted drive (could be mistaking that for something else though).

PS – I don’t know how you came by your image of Leopard. I don’t want or need to know how you came by your image of Leopard. I trust yours’ came by the one of two ways Apple has made it available: WWDC or ADC.

9A466 Posted to ADC

July 2, 2007

Sounds like a Radio Free America announcement doesn’t it? 🙂

For those of you who know what 9A466 means… Run (do not walk) to the ADC!

We Return To Our Previously Scheduled Program

July 1, 2007

Whew. Our first dosage of iPhone seems to have alleviated the initial symptoms of high expectation, cash-in-pocket and general euphoria.

It’s time for those software engineers to get crack alackin on Leopard. Today marks the first day of July. That leaves four whole months to satisfy an October launch of OSX Leopard. At this point, I’d just like to see 9A466.


June 24, 2007

Just received this from the ADC. Encouraging (and welcome) news. Can’t say that I recall ADC ever sending an email ahead of a pending posting. Wonder if they caught any blowback from their (cough, cough) developers who couldn’t make it to WWDC07 (cough, cough).I know they intended to post it all along. The graphics on the ADC site clearly said the beta was to be distributed “first” at WWDC07. Yeah, OK… fine! Just post this bad boy already. WWDC07 isn’t even being blogged about anymore and I’m anxious as all get out to put some quality time in on the latest Leopard Server.WWDC Leopard 9a466

Leopard Screenshot Gallery

June 19, 2007

Think Secret’s screenshot gallery of Leopard is now up.One of the things niggling at me these past several days since WWDC07… What happened to all the hoopla over “accessibility”? Jobs was making a big to do (in my mind, rightly so) about the Alex voice in Leopard. Yet, this go round… nada. Wonder why?

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