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Beating Bejesus Out Of OSX Leopard

September 4, 2007

I keep giving Leopard Server aka 9A528a (and now Client aka 9A527) a pounding like never before and it just takes it and responds SO-O-O-O-O very well. Got Server blasting 5×5 on an Intel XServe and OMG! This is it folks. Apple’s probably got one more pre-GM release in them and we’re off to the races. 9A527 on a MBPro is a screamer.

The 300 soundtrack while coding on Leopard is PRECISELY the right tempo. Especially “Fever Dream” by Tyler Bates

New Leopard Seeds – 9A528a and 9A527

August 25, 2007

Folks, we HAVE to be getting close to wrapping the initial 10.5.0 release of Leopard up. As quickly as they’re coming out, as good as the documentation has become and as quickly as most issues are being dealt with… Yeah, it’s fast approaching.

Just downloaded 9A528a (Server) and 9A527 (Client). Haven’t yet installed either. But, the nice thing is it’s not a Software Update. THAT was just plain odd for Apple to have done on the 9A500n seed. Oh well. We’re close.

October is looking like a no brainer. Manuals, help files, packaging (which is probably already done), replication, kitting… They don’t take that much time. Could even be early October if we lock this baby down soon. I’ll go into more speculation in the next post… must feed the munchkins first and do a little tile work in the kitchen. Today I’ll post the follow-up for sure though.