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Leopard Guided Tour (VIDEO)

October 19, 2007

Apple’s posted a nicely produced Leopard video of the specifics being unleashed on us in on the 26th.

OFFICIAL: Leopard Oct 26

October 16, 2007 is sporting a new (non-iPod-esque) homepage today. Guess what the not-so-news is? Ding ding ding. Right you are! October 26 Leopard is out the door. Preorder at the Apple Online Store -or- at

No news on what the super secret features are/were.

I’m hoping someone holds uncle Steve’s feet to the fire on that one: So far… I’m not seeing anything that wasn’t demo’d or exhibited in many of the lesser known WWDC sessions. So, what is “secret” to his Steve-ness might just be common knowledge to us in the front rows. The 300 new features don’t tell anything I haven’t already seen/heard.

Confirmed. Leopard in Replication.

October 15, 2007

Leopard has hit GM and is at replication.

The gold master was to arrive between Friday and today. Over 2 million DVDs that will then get shipped to Mexico for assembly and then on to us.

Here we go!

[EDIT: Sorry, will not name the facility. Please don’t ask.]

Can You Spot The Leopard?

October 14, 2007

 XServe Running Leopard

XServes Running Leopard

Somewhere in this picture, hidden among all my gear, is a Leopard. Can you spot it? 😉

Leopard Server is impressing the bejeemenies out of me. Super easy to set-up (not that it wasn’t easy to configure before). So much so, that anyone who can install their desktop OS… can get an XServe up and snorting flames within an hour.

The above is what I call “my other car” and what a beaut she is! The top pic is heading to Perimeter Center’s OKC facility for failover (just in case). The lower pic is the primary and lives in one of the TulsaConnect datacenters (all quad G5s + RAID on a dual-channel 4Gb fiber channel card). Stock, out of the box… these babies ROCK!

If you’ve ever wanted to know what OS X Server on XServes is all about… Give me a shout (email and phone number are in the header graphic above). I’ll be happy to talk with you (especially AFTER Leopard Server is in the clear).

PS –  Leopard Server is running on the top box in the lower pic. So very nice!

Alex Speaks Out On Leopard

October 10, 2007

Don’t know if you’ll remember during one of the early keynotes Steve Jobs is really excited about the new voice technology coming in Leopard. Rightly so. The new voice is called Alex. It’s awesome. I really, really like Cepstral’s voices. But, they’re expensive to buy licenses to distribute rendered file off of. So far, it looks like files rendered in Alex’ voice will be freely distributable.

I think this may be one of those rare instances where I’m not really sharing anything that hasn’t already been known. I’m just doing it in a way that wasn’t done before… Does that make ANY sense? (Hope it washes with Apple Legal. But, if not… guys, call me at +1 918 813-9745 and I’ll give you an email addy for the official takedown.)

Alex’s voice is right here reading a snip from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ War-Lord of Mars. (Or, you can stream it through the widget in the righthand panel at the home page)

I’ve also posted a how-to since Leopard launched last Friday.

New Leopard Video On YouTube

October 8, 2007

Yeah, OK, everyone has a pent up Jones for Leopard right about now. I have no idea who socci4 is at YouTube. But, hat tip to socci. I’ll be curious to see how long it remains viewable. (Why am I doing Apple Legal these favors?)

Leopard And When To Buy…

October 5, 2007

Great comment a moment ago… When should I buy my MacBook? Before of after Leopard?

From my own point of view I’d buy when I needed to. If I needed that MacBook RFN… I’d go out and get the best, baddest I could immediately. From a practical point of view if you can wait there will be some bennies:

  • Who knows when or if Apple will have a grace period for those who purchase Macs leading up to/after Leopard’s launch? They’ve done this in the past. Reasonable to think they’d do it again. Otherwise, you might risk buying gear now only to turn around and find yourself upgrading OS within a month at your own cost;
  • The local CompUSA had a mess on their hands the night Tiger launched (this was before we had an Apple Store in Tulsa). The poor guy was imaging and installing like a mad man. It created a big headache for all involved. So, I’d say, wait until you KNOW Leopard is factory installed on the gear you’re buying;
  • Finally, Leopard’s awesome if the seeds are any indicator. I’d rather not run Tiger and then have to migrate from 10.4 to 10.5. I did that once just to see what pain was involved. I’d rather start fresh and build on top of that.

My $.02

Leopard’s Launching October 26th

October 4, 2007

[FINAL: It’s October 26th at 6 p.m. in your local time zone. Just like the national iPhone rollout. Now, don’t go getting all Ninja on me because the MacShrine links are busted. That tells me Apple did an oopsie and Luigi killed the story… I have an email into him to find out.]

[Full disclosure: My sources were very specific: Leopard will NOT be launched on a Saturday or a Sunday.]
From ThinkSecret:

Leopard poised to leap last weekend in October… on track for an October release on or around October 26, sources report.

Say it ain’t so! ThinkSecret has (at worst) a 1/27 chance at being correct. Factor out the remaining weekend days in October and they’re tracking for 1/19. Now, if their source is for grins and giggles… Phil Schiller. Well then, their odds improve to, oh, 1/17 (he is in “marketing” after all and my bookie’s not so keen on those “marketing types”).

So, there. I have every bit as good a chance at being right with my prediction as ThinkSecret does with theirs. Nanner, nanner.

October 23 it isn’t.

The 26th is looking pretty solid.

Leopard’s ZFS 1.1 Seed

October 4, 2007

Wondering when and where ZFS was going to pop up next on the Leopard scene? Wonder no more. 1.1 of the ZFS seed has appeared at the ADC (Select or Premier membership AND 9A559 seed op Leopard required).

The first thing I’m going to do is try to pool a USB drive and a Firewire drive. No reason to think this wouldn’t work according to the readme… Somehow, I think it might just not be kosher. 😉 Anyone want to save me the time and tell me what to expect?

More about ZFS can be had at:

Scoble’s Chat with ZFS’ inventors (Lots of fun)

What To Blog About After Leopard

October 2, 2007

So, the cat’s out of the bag within the month.

What do you folks want me to write about after that? Lots of Leopard screen pix and screencasts I suppose? Whatcha want folks!? And how do you want it? YouTube? DivX Stage6 (which I STRONGLY recommend as the delivery platform)?

I figure there are a good number of people who will hold off upgrading to 10.5 and let the early adopters take all the arrows. Happy to oblige 🙂

So… What are you going to want? BTW, anyone know the codename of 10.6? Is it really Lion?