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My First Google AdWords Campaign

March 20, 2007

Just set up my first Google AdWords campaign.

Totally painless and a fairly straightforward process. Will be interesting to see how the different geographies pull and on which keywords. What a hoot.


Apple Legal

December 26, 2006

Talk about your Infinite Loop! This legal poop just won’t go away. posted a new article regarding the backdating situation and that Mr. Jobs has hired representation apparently. Probably a good move to seperate your peas and carrots as Apple’s interests may not necessarily be in HIS own best interests. Not saying he has anything to hide. In fact, quite the opposite. I think he’s probably had his own counsel for some time now on the matter. Probably the first thing to do in that situation is call your attorney first.

I sold my position in Apple Nov. 21 at about 88 and change. Kinda glad I did and kinda have a niggling to get back in and ride it back up for a quickie off of MacWorld San Francisco. But, if AAPL appears to be delisted (would that REALLY ever happen!?) I think I’ll watch the circus from the sidelines.

Journal Abstracts Via ODEO

September 27, 2006

Testing some audio embed features from ODEO. Lessee if it works…


Wonder what you folks think of the audio quality and the “listenability” of the voice.

Also, have a channel at ODEO now. Nifty.

Ethics, Halliburton and What Matters Most

March 23, 2006

You know… I’m getting ready to go to Bahrain in the morning. It’s true.
I’ll be there the better part of a week. And, chances are pretty good I’ll see some people from the oil industry I’ll want to talk to about some specific items of business. One of those people is John Gibson of Paradigm Geo. Fascinating guy.

He was CEO of Halliburton and delivered this GREAT talk on ethics (of all things) at the height of Halliburton’s scrutiny in the whole rebuild Iraq squawk to a joint luncheon between the SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) and another group I’m forgetting the name of. Well, I like doing homework and getting to know the person I hope to speak with. At the AAPG website is a WMV of his talk.

Regardless of your position on politics, matters of war and peace, or even the environment THIS talk is probably one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to. I’ve listened to Harvey Mackay, Tom Peters, Ken Blanchard, Seth Godin, the list is long… and they’re all good. Right? This guy’s really got it! He exudes his topic – ETHICS.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Michael Crichton + Fiction + AAPG = AWARD

March 1, 2006

There’s a big stink going right now about an award recently bestowed by a professional association (the ) and an author (Michael Crichton). Right or wrong? Who knows!? Did Sally Fields REALLY deserve that Oscar? How about Russel Crowe? Who knows!? The folks issuing the awards seemed to think so… It’s theirs to give. Leave it be! (But, no. That won’t do. Will it?) (more…)