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Developing “Wingnuts” For Mac

May 25, 2007


Every day that passes by the more I become a dyed and true XCode, PHP, AJAX, Ruby, MySQL, WebObjects developer. All so I can build and launch Grocio… Different tale for a different posting.

I’m not going to WWDC since Leopard’s not going Golden until October. But, when Apple Developer Connection posts a unique glimpse into how other major developers do what they do and why (Bruce Morrison of Freeverse and WingNuts)… Well, despite all the mealy mouthed things I might say about how Apple binds their developers hands on pre-release topics… BIG hat tip to the ADC. You done good!

And, oh by the way, it appears Freeverse has made Wingnuts 1 a free download.

OSX v 10.4.10 Seeded

May 19, 2007

If you’re an ADC member and haven’t noticed… 10.4.10 is seeded and ready for your scrutiny.

Me? Not interested in anything short of iPhone and Leopard right now.

Newest Leopard Seed 9A###

May 9, 2007

I don’t know what the next seeds numbering is going to be.

However, it appears Apple is very consistent with their releases following quickly (day or so) on the heels of the ADC Reference Library. Since a new ref lib was posted today that would put a new distro of the Leopard seed online very shortly. Hopefully some of the goodies we’ve been expecting begin to show.

Leopard Dev Release – Dec 14

November 30, 2006

I’m going to predict a new Leopard Dev release comes on December 14.

Why so specific you ask? Well, 283 was released on 10/12 (second Thurs of Oct.) and 303 was released 11/9 (second Thurs of Nov.). The second Thurs of December would be the 14th. January’s kinda shot… MacWorld conference is Jan. 8-12. Which straddles the second Thursday theory.

Lessee if Apple’s that predictable. Something tells me they’re not! But, I have about a 1 in 45 (or so… I’m not Spock for crying out loud!) chance of getting it right.

Leopard Tech Talks – FREE

November 7, 2006

Apple just sent me an email directing my attention to Leopard Tech Talks – North America a FREE session to ADC members to spend a full day with Apple engineers on Leopard. VERY Cool for those of us who missed out on WWDC!

The Apple Muzzle

November 6, 2006

As an ADC Select Member of Apple’s developer community I find it ABSOLUTELY STUPID they keep us muzzled as they do. Of course, except at the WWDC… then we can talk openly with one another (presumably).

Don’t get me wrong… I *LOVE* Apple. I just have a few hangups that if addressed I’d be the happiest of clams.

Apple touts themselves as having great authentication and by association a great ability to segment populations based on roles and privleges. Well, can’t someone in Cupertino get over themselves enough to allow their (not so beloved) Developers the opportunity to chat things up in a sanctioned space!?

I was told when I first signed on for the ADC Select (back in the Tiger seeding phase) something like this was pending. I’m officially calling “BULLSH!T” I think someone just wanted to pacify me on the phone and keep the revolution in check.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Ain’t happening this time Bubba!

Mac Leopard & Teams?

November 4, 2006

Calling all ADC members! I’m in a pickle with Leopard & Teams specifically and need your help.

I’m a bonafide Select Member (in good standing) of the ADC and while I know we’re prohibited from comingling outside the WWDC (which is absolutely assinine Apple! More on my next post about THAT) I’m hoping some kind, anonymous soul out there can email me some advice.

See, I’m trying like the devil to get Teams configured on the latest build of Leopard Server. I can’t seem to get “weblogs” to activate which was the key to getting Teams to working for me on the original WWDC release. Something’s changed and I’m just not lucking into the right combo of settings. I’ve tried with Open Directory on and as a master, yada yada. No joy.

Email can be sent to geraldb28 over at mac dot com and should you comment or post with a traceback… I can’t be held responsible for how Apple might react to you. I occassionally flirt with the limits of their terms and conditions (like the above) and know they monitor this blog on certain keywords.