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Woopra LIVE Web Analytics = FABULOUS!

October 2, 2008

I’ve used most of the web analytics packages under the sun since 1995 and I’m evaluating one that is in beta right now called Woopra. It’s slick. REALLY slick! [EDIT: Reminds me of a Bloomberg heads up display for web analytics.]

  • It’s FREE first of all. Powerful AND free. Nice!
  • It’s a Java runtime second of all. So, unlike my gripe with the likes of Urchin which always comes out first for that other platform… Woopra just works as a simple runtime app… wherever.
  • Thirdly, it’s LIVE. I don’t like waiting an hour for feedback of what’s working (or not). I don’t like tailing the log files much either. So… “live” is a big deal to me.
  • Fourth, the heads up display tied to mapping is SWEET! I really like knowing where people are coming from.
  • Fifth, the ability to engage visitors with a live chat widget is pretty clever. (Wish it was Jabber oriented… But still). So, come on by during “after hours” and see how the live “engage” function works.
  • Finally, it’s a simple script snip to add to your existing code.

A couple things I’d like to see… some kind of built in monitoring component… Basic uptime stuff. A Mac only feature I’d LOVE to see is “share this screen” functionality (ala Leopard iChat). Wouldn’t THAT be cool!? I’d pay a nice chunk of change to have a bit of “lead me” functionality so I can intervene with my audience. And, if there was an iPhone admin client… HOO BOY! That would be HUGE! Imagine a live analytics tool on an iPhone. How cool would THAT be!?

[UPDATE: I accessed running the Woopra script with my iPhone and while monitoring the site tried to connect the chat client with no success due to it being an embedded script.]

Overall, I can see myself switching horses really, really soon.

Urchin 6 Announced

October 16, 2007

Brett announced at the eMetrics event today that the fabled Urchin 6 is forthcoming. About time guys 😉

Put my hat in the ring to give it a good testing on the Mac platform. We’ll see if they’ll play ball.

For those of you scratching your head… Urchin is the Google Analytics server packaged up for retail. If you’ve used Analytics you’ve been getting a fair bit of goodies we paid up Urchin 5 folks have been itching to get for years (literally). So, to us Urchin 6 is a big deal.

“Time Spent” vs. PageViews

July 9, 2007

Interesting. Nielsen NetRatings has officially declared pageviews a worthless metric in light of AJAX and more multimedia rich sites coming on in strength. ComScore apparently didn’t get the memo.

On the one hand… Google is the undisputed heavyweight champeen of the the dub dub dub. Think they give much care to how long someone spends on the Look how much revenue they make sending people ELSEWHERE! I’d think, like a call center, they’d want to move that person on their merry way as quickly as they possibly could. On the other hand, Google also has YouTube where time spent on the site = goodness.

Looks like there will be some cases where duration of stay will matter. Others… better be making a ton of cash moving people down the queue.

(Hat tip to Mr. Rubel)

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Leopard Release Date

February 27, 2007

You might get the wrong ideas from some of the posts around that Leopard’s release is in the March timeframe. It isn’t set for March folks. I wish it was. It isn’t meant to be. I don’t have any special insider knowledge of when it “is”. But, based on the ADC seeds it’s not nearly fully cooked AND they’d have to be going to golden master about now for replication (packaging’s probably already done waiting for media and documentation… if any). The Leopard release date is in the April-June timeline. My bet would be June to coincide with WWDC07.

One novel bit on the frenzy of interest though is the gWH!Z blog is getting a decent dose of visitors on none other than the keyword phrase “leopard release date”. That search phrase at Yahoo! puts us at #2 on the boards and at least first page placement on Google. I love SEO and SEM stuff. So, getting choice position on semi common phrases is a kick.

Leopard Release Date Stats And, by looking at the stats on our popular original posting of the same name I’d say there’s about to be a surge of interest in Leopard that lasts right up to the actual event. And, just like it did with Tiger… will come crashing down after the release date is finally announced.

Google Analytics Codes FOUND!

May 27, 2006

I have finally found an angle on the Google Analytics activation codes I’ve been hunting for for so long… (more…)

Urchin v6 and Google Analytics

May 15, 2006

Am I glad or what!?

I’ve been desperate (really desperate) to get my hands on a Google Analytics account. There’s nothing to be had out there by way of an acvtivation code. But, what I did see isn’t worth swapping horses anyway. A buddy showed me his Google Analytics account. It’s OK. Urchin is better. MUCH!

Which leads me to my next revelation: Urchin lives! Google hasn’t killed it. Quite the opposite. It’s thriving and version 6 is due out soon. Which means I’ll get an upgrade from the 5.x version. AWESOME!

I’d been so bummed when all my support links went straight to Google’s Analytics site that I thought we’d bought into a deadend product. Not the case at all. See! Support still exists and version 6 is on deck to release! YIPPEEEE!

More Unused Google Analytics Codes

April 3, 2006

I’ve been doing a lot of poking around lately on SEM and SEO stuff.

Basically, honing my tagging and html skills every so often leads me off into interesting terrain. In the course of all that I usually go hiking through the source of all the big, household name sites like Search Engine Watch, etc to unravel what they’re doing for themselves.

You learn a lot about an industry that way. Travel was the same. Observe, mimic, iterate.

So, while munging around in source code the past couple weeks I found a TON of these sites are using Google Analytics and I’ll be darned if some of these sites didn’t just add their uacct data (essentially the script) in the past few days.

Either Google is finally clearing the logjam and doling out Analytics codes OR folks are routing around the damage and finding new and novel ways of getting their hands on user accounts.

Please, if someone stumbles across what is going on out there on this topic… share the goods.

Unused Google Analytics Invitation Codes?

January 21, 2006

Anyone out there have an unused Google Analytics Invitation?

Some time back Google purchased a great little company called Urchin. We were all scratching our heads wondering where it would lead. It’s obvious now in the grand scheme of things Google is using the information for good, not evil 🙂