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iTunes Ticks Off Ambrosia Software

December 6, 2006

John Champlin of Ambrosia Software is peeved. Can’t say that I blame him. But, also can’t say I totally relate. The nut of it is he experienced lousy customer service from iTunes’ support-line and he’s ditching iTunes in favor of, GASP!, CDs.

Now, first of all, everyone knows we’re just a bunch of lousy, flea infested thieves… or so the Universal Music Group Chief says.

To John… First of all, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE SnapzPro X2 and SketchFighter 4000 (if I could ever finish off the Volcano level!). Second I hope there’s no hard feelers towards the platform as a whole – OS X I mean. You guys do such a swell job and have extremely good support staff manning your phones. Just keep setting the example you do.

Apple Support RSS Feeds

September 7, 2006

Don’t know that I’ve ever seen this mentioned anywhere else… Apple – Support – RSS Feeds. ALL of them for all of their products.

And, if you wanted just something specific, like oh… say, Shake. Okie dokie. Just go here and pick what you want.