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Security Through Obscurity

January 26, 2007

The debate rages and many people feel Mac OS is secure because it’s just not large enough in marketshare to attract the attention of all the malicious or fame-seeking hackers out there.

OK. I can kinda buy that. Cool, I’m secure cause no one cares enough to fiddle with my platform. Do I really care? I’m secure for some reason. By accident is even good enough reason quite frankly. A lot of people are secure becuase their computer isn’t connected to anything outside and doesn’t swap spit with any other computer.

But, then this little twerp inside of me thinks… “Hey, that’s just an opportunity for that much MORE fame.” Right? I mean… if I’m the only guy borking up the Mac platform aren’t I, by default going to be king for a day? Who wouldn’t want to set foot on the moon first!? So, the more I get to thinking about it the more I’m thinking either it’s harder to write a bugaboo for Mac OS X or hackers are just picking at the low hanging fruit of the most susceptible OS’s out there which happens not to be the Mac OS.

OOF! Leopard on a PC!?

January 22, 2007

That thud you just heard… was my jaw hitting the floor after reading the mainstream media picking up on non-Apple PC’s running Mac OS X via Parallels. Yes!! Fist pumping in the air!

Some folks will think this forebodes evil in all manner of forms. However, think this through… you want Appley goodness? Fine, try it out on your PC. Want ALL the Appley goodness? Buy Appley hardware. I think it’s about time the genie was let out of the bottle.

BluePhoneElite + OSX = Nirvana!

December 28, 2006

Finallly! Finally! FINE UH LEE!!

BluePhoneElite beta 2

BluePhoneElite beta 2 is exactly what I have been seeking all these many long months. I don’t need no stinking iPhone! 🙂 (I probably do actually… just ’cause). There were only two things I wasn’t thrilled with in the release version and beta 2 gives me pause.

  • I said I wanted talk through. Got it! Called my office land line. Left a message and it’s most definitely passable.
  • I said I wanted the ability to record conversations. Haven’t quite figured out the finer points but I think with SoundFlowerBed + my audio recording apps I’m going to have a serious shot at making podcast recordings VERY easily no matter where I might be (London, Bahrain, Tulsa, Houston… wherever really).

This is so cool!

Now I have to contact those wacky folks at Mira and arrange an interview!

ComputerWorld Article on Leopard Server

December 7, 2006

Surprise! Early coverage.

Leopard Dev Release – Dec 14

November 30, 2006

I’m going to predict a new Leopard Dev release comes on December 14.

Why so specific you ask? Well, 283 was released on 10/12 (second Thurs of Oct.) and 303 was released 11/9 (second Thurs of Nov.). The second Thurs of December would be the 14th. January’s kinda shot… MacWorld conference is Jan. 8-12. Which straddles the second Thursday theory.

Lessee if Apple’s that predictable. Something tells me they’re not! But, I have about a 1 in 45 (or so… I’m not Spock for crying out loud!) chance of getting it right.

Mac Leopard & Teams?

November 4, 2006

Calling all ADC members! I’m in a pickle with Leopard & Teams specifically and need your help.

I’m a bonafide Select Member (in good standing) of the ADC and while I know we’re prohibited from comingling outside the WWDC (which is absolutely assinine Apple! More on my next post about THAT) I’m hoping some kind, anonymous soul out there can email me some advice.

See, I’m trying like the devil to get Teams configured on the latest build of Leopard Server. I can’t seem to get “weblogs” to activate which was the key to getting Teams to working for me on the original WWDC release. Something’s changed and I’m just not lucking into the right combo of settings. I’ve tried with Open Directory on and as a master, yada yada. No joy.

Email can be sent to geraldb28 over at mac dot com and should you comment or post with a traceback… I can’t be held responsible for how Apple might react to you. I occassionally flirt with the limits of their terms and conditions (like the above) and know they monitor this blog on certain keywords.

Creating an RSS Feed (Mac)

November 4, 2006

Several people have asked me how I create my non-blog-related RSS feeds.

Short answer is a snap – I use Feeder from Reinvented Software and then publish the files to the roots of my sites. See, if they’re sitting at the root, most RSS enabled browsers and plugins and agreggators will automatically detect the xml files allowing your visitors to subscribe.

There’s a bit more that goes into the production end. But, not by much. Feeder is one of those potentially very complex apps that can do amazing things (QuickSilver, InDesign and the like come to mind). Or, if you’re not inclined to go gonzo with it you can make good things happen scratching the surface, like I do.

My feeds currently have enclosures and the bare minimum of embedded HTML formatting. I seldom put graphics in… but have been known to on occassion.

I haven’t a clue on the Windows side of life. I’m sure your options are about 9,000 fold. Happy hunting 🙂