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iOS 7 Better Have…

December 13, 2012

There are some things iOS7 had better have before I consider shelling out the bucks for the next new iPhone. Here’s my iOS bucket list:

  • I need a way to import a high quality greeting to my voicemail. Hardline dialing and recording a new greeting is NOT Apple-worthy. I don’t mind recoding to the Voice Memo app or on my Mac. I just ought to be able to import a sound file as my greeting dangit!
  • I expect a way to SEND my voicemails to my iCloud account as email attachments. Or create a rule that does it automatically.
  • I expect a way to FORWARD voicemails to other iOS devices as messages. I can send a picture/video via MMS… Why not a voicemail attachment?
  • I expect a heckuva LOT more out of Siri. It’s more useless than the Maps app right now.
  • Maps is borked. Now that Google Maps app is on the App Store… I’m going back to what works. Still love you Apple. Just need excellent Maps when I need a map.
  • Something’s still not quite right about Contact sync between iPhone, Mac laptop and iCloud. I have duplicates of many contacts in the order of 19 to upwards of 30 of the same person. There needs to be a super easy way to purge duplicates. Contact management shouldn’t be this nasty a chore.
  • Speaking of chores… Apple got the Notes app sync PERFECTLY across devices. It’s not broke. Don’t fix it. 😉 Replicate it’s success for the other devices.
  • Facetime is such a great idea. I’ve tried and tried and tried to Facetime on our local wireless LAN. Each time it rings once (so I know the call is coming through) and then indicates I’m busy to the other devices. Needs to be easier.
  • The new messaging works pretty swank too. Not sure how they’d improve it just now.
  • Can we PLEASE just sync up our phones to Time Machine? Pretty please?
  • Passbook is freakin awesome! A killer, kick ass kind of awesome. The world is ready (it just doesn’t know it yet).
  • Airplay = way awesome.
  • Safari “Reader Mode” is slick. Wish there was a way to make Siri read the content while I’m driving or otherwise occupied. That’s one thing I love about Alex on my Mac.
  • Photo streams to my AppleTV is not quite as straight forward an intuitive as I would expect from Apple. Needs Improvement.
  • Newsstand is a useless icon on my phone deck. Please, let me delete it or file it in another folder.
  • Faxing from my phone should be a no brainer easier than anything to do.
  • Finally, PRINTING. Guys. C’mon. Really? Printing is right up there with copy and paste. We’ve been doing this a long time. Why can’t we seem to get this right?

iOS is a super platform. So good in fact that in our household we’re getting device confused. I can’t tell you the number of times we’ve swiped our fingers across the screen of the laptop or the iMac. It’s silly really that we’ve become so accustomed to iOS that is’s bleeding over into how we interact with the other computers around us.



INTERVIEW: iPhone App: PhotoShare

July 23, 2008

Another installment of our iPhone developer interview series has us talking with Satoshi Nakajima, founder of Big Canvas.

First, congrats to the team at Big Canvas on your new iPhone app. Is everyone as excited on the creation side as we are on the consumption side?
It’s been an unbelievable experience. It’s a super exciting time in the industry. It IS game changing. It’s an iPhone only app. Our application is called PhotoShare and maximizes the iPhone’s camera as a “friends & family” experience… a sharing device for casual communication. Twitter for pictures. We’re focused on the user experience and host the photos and conversation on our servers. It’s Secure. Private. Registration isn’t required – we eliminate the pain of passwords altogether.

In talking with other iPhone developers it’s become clear… this platform is surprisingly easy to develop for. What kinds of good surprises did your team encounter?
Emotionally it’s very gratifying. It’s a great device. A year later, the “love” is still there for iPhone. Apple pays a LOT of attn to power consumption and memory allocation. CPU management was clearly on their mind and is evident in what’s possible. Controlling and optimizing the power consumption was easy. The choice to avoid true multitasking was also the right call. Apple’s attention to these kinds of critical details was a nice surprise.

How helpful was Apple in the grand scheme of things during development? Resources beyond the usual ADC and WWDC venues?
Mostly we developed with the SDK. We drew on some Apple help at a few critical points. Despite being really busy they got back with us quickly to help us debut with the App Store on opening day.

How did you arrive at pricing for PhotoShare? Curious minds would like to know…
It will be free as a social networking application. We’ll offer it for free, learn some lessons and develop a business model as we go.

Finally, beta testing apps under development seems to have taken a step backward due to iTunes being the distribution point. Has that crimped the development and testing cycles at all? How did Big Canvas adapt and overcome?
There are complexities. Observing the nuances of the detailed documentation and preparing the application for iTunes is slightly tricky. Apple made it easy in one sense but rigid and strict in another. The most difficult part was not being able to test widely. Refinements for our apps will come quickly after the App Store launches.

Any parting advice to iPhone users? Apple?
Try a LOT of applications. The Long Tail dictates many will be garbage. There will be some really good apps rise and emerge as major apps.

PhotoShare can be downloaded from the App Store now. (Link will launch iTunes. v7.7+ required)

iPhone 2.0 Installed

July 10, 2008

Thanks to MacRumors links and methods I’m now sporting iPhone 2.0 firmware a few hours earlier than your average bear will have it.

Will be loading up my already downloaded AppStore apps momentarily. Feel it’s safe to assume this is the golden master distro as the iPhone 3G is already on sale in New Zealand.

[EDIT: Still no SVG graphics support in the new Safari. This effectively renders Google Analytics checking useless via iPhone. c’mon Apple!]

See the AppStore Now

July 10, 2008

Yes, by downloading iTunes 7.7 you can skirt around the veil and see the AppStore now.

Try this link. Apple’s already vetted some of the better, more useful apps for us. (Link will launch iTunes and is NOT an affiliate link)

iPhone App: Daylite

July 9, 2008

First in our series of iPhone developer interviews is AJ, CEO of MarketCircle about their approach to developing DayliteTouch for the iPhone. Transcript follows:

Getting really busy for you this week I suppose?
Always busy. We have a lot going on in addition to the iPhone announcement.

How and when did you decide Daylite for the iPhone made sense for MarketCircle to build?
It goes back to our methods in the early days really. We built Daylite for ourselves. With some encouragement from Apple we commercialized it and began selling it. The sales overtook our original line of business and the rest is history. So it was with the iPhone version of Daylite. We have a need ourselves to have this app in mobile form. Apple conveniently brought us the iPhone and very soon we’ll have another amazing extension to our product line. With each build we are more and more excited and encouraged by what we’re seeing come out of our engineering group.

Speaking of that, will Daylite for the iPhone be available “day 1” on the App store?
No, there are business model issues and testing issues we want to perfect before getting too far ahead of ourselves. The mobile app is really a companion app to Daylite.

Have you settled on pricing yet? Or, will it be free?
We know it won’t be free. What the final pricing is will be a wait and see matter.

Sure. That makes sense. As this is a mobile companion what other mobile platforms were considered.
This is our first commercial mobile app for Daylite. Developing for iPhone made a lot of sense as XCode makes it so easy to do what we do. Blackberry and Windows Mobile… not so much. The platform decision was easy.

What else would you like to offer application wise?
Let’s get this one out first and see what unfolds. Our hands are full as it is.

On an aside… iPhoney, your iPhone emulator, remains REALLY popular. What’s the story there?
As you know the Aspen emulator is available in the iPhone SDK (free to registered developers). But, for some reason iPhoney still draws a lot of traffic despite Apple’s more feature rich emulator. It’s fun and it’s novel and we’ll keep it around. But, there’s no real rationale for the healthy stream of traffic as far as we can tell.

Any parting comments?
The iPhone architecture is proving out OSX as “the new way” and I’m certain we’ll begin seeing heightened business productivity. Besides, there are becoming less and less reasons to buy a Windows Mobile device. We’re enjoying the innovations and it’s just an exciting time to be developing for Apple products.

iPhone: Skybox’ Major League Baseball

July 9, 2008

I was one of the lucky 1000 to get a beta of the Skybox MLB app. OMG! THAT my friends is one really nice app. Well done Peter and crew!