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An Akismet Idea. Shock & Awe.

December 24, 2007

I don’t know what the typical amount of comment spam is on any given blog. I know I get a lot more STOPPED by Akismet than ever before. The volume is up and the kill rate is 100% (no false positives). I also know Google’s Blogger has become known as the playground for the professional linkbaiters, linkfarmers and the ilk. Don’t know about Six Apart or any of the other platforms.

I wonder if it’s possible for Akismet to subscribe to and contribute to the black lists like Spamhaus and Spamassassin? Maybe they already do. Anyone know? I seldom (perhaps never) see an email address like someone at It’s always a free (ie. disposable) email address of one variety or another claiming the offensive comment spam.

Seems to me if there WAS a full court press in the end all it would do is escalate the sophistication of the tactics employed. I fear the collective creativity of the white hats is less than the sum of the creativity of the black hats. Like antibiotics, the more you chase the bug the stronger the bug becomes through adaptation and consequently the harder it becomes to create effective antibiotics to keep up with the new strains. Still, I’d like a little old school Shock and Awe released on the spammers. They’re going to wind up causing the Scobles, Jarvises, Wilsons, Godins, Kawasakis and TDavids of the world to shut down their comments one by one and then we’re set back to the Web 1.0 world with no two way discourse. At which time I hope OpenID matures so we won’t have to remember the 19,003 account/password combos for all the conversations we participate in.