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Upgraded AppleTV to 2.0. “WOW!” (pics)

February 13, 2008


The update process is finished and all I can utter is “WOW!”

Apple’s onto something here. They have a healthy array of content available and it’s all nicely integrated into .Mac and iTunes (of course) and the HD stuff… OMG! It’s about frickin’ time Apple! But, I’m so glad I waited and so VERY glad I didn’t have to buy yet another piece of hardware just to enjoy what should have been there in the first place.

The HD podcasts are awesome. I’m a nature nut having spent half of my formative years camping in all kinds of conditions with the Boy Scouts. So, all the outdoor HD content is just making me tickled happy.

Just rented Transformers in HD just because… well, I want to see how good a modern film in HD will look on the newly updated Apple TV, how long it will take to download and what the user experience turns out to be like. Will post more once I have something worthwhile to relay. I can already say it’s slow going at 1% after 10 minutes of dowload time already. Really wish they’d buy into a Bittorrent or Akamai solution to pump this stuff down faster. Maybe that’s being held in reserve for AppleTV 3.0…?


(oh, and btw fwiw, the desktop pic on the laptop is from Robert Scoble’s recent trip to Davos… how’s that for attribution Mr. Scoble? Thanks for open-sourcing your photos!)

Wal*Mart Vacates Online Video?

August 24, 2007

David Porter is was Wal*Mart’s veep on the high tech video front. Guess he’s working for Dreamworks now.

I get the distinct feeling NetFlix, Blockbuster and Apple are going to get a massive run for their money from someone we haven’t yet met. The space is just too wide open and the market way too young (and ripe) for someone to come in and just plow a lot of fertile field. Tivo? Some network group like Akamai or Bittorrent? Cuban? Wish it’d hurry the hell up! I’d like HD on demand (with some ownership options on the file residing with me personally). Kulabyte could pull this off nicely!

Not a good sign for Wal*Mart’s immediate prospects in the equation anyway. 

ZFS. Leopard’s Default File System

June 6, 2007

Well, well, well. Jobsian scooping? Can’t be a good thing.

We’ve all been expecting ZFS to make an appearance in Leopard. Some of us have been hopeful ZFS would be the defacto file system in Leopard. Looks like it may be coming to pass. (link requires the RealPlayer which I refuse to download/install) Nothing yet available on Google Video or YouTube…

I’m now hopeful the FTFF movement is satisfied soon AND I would REALLY love it if the BitTorrent rumors were validated next week.

Wonder how many other “secrets” of Leopard will be made known prior to WWDC07?

Akamai Catches a Red Swoosh

April 12, 2007

Now, who was it just talking up Akamai? Hmm… that would be ME!

I’m still not certain Apple has the equity position they once did in Akamai. Whether they do or not doesn’t really matter. They use the snot out of the service. That’s for sure!

Akamai got one helluva deal on this one. I don’t think congrats are due Red Swoosh as much as Akamai and team.

(Still hoping this means some kind of really good forboding for Apple and iTunes Movies in there somewhere.)

Apple, NAB, This Weekend…

April 12, 2007

So, what’s in store for us this weekend?

The AppleTV’s announced/shipping.
The 8 core bad boy is announced/shipping.
MGM’s in the iTunes store.

What does that leave?

HD content at iTunes Store
Rental of movies at iTunes Store
Final Cut upgrades
Leopard reveals of the “secret” stuff
Possibly some iPhone goodies (like 3G video, etc)

All but the last are really naturals for the show. The only real shock and awe would be if Apple unleashed BitTorrent inside of Leopard. ie. Part and parcel of the operating system. See, we still haven’t figured out why Apple bought that massive hosting facility last year. In fact, all eyes and ears have been deflected from that one. So, it’s classic Apple to misdirect attention away from key activity and then pull a rabbit out of the hat at an opportune moment.

I’m thinking THAT is going to be the mothership for all the iTunes hosting (that coupled with Akamai’s edge hosting).

NAB2007 could wind up being a watershed event for content creation and content delivery. Well, we won’t have to wait long to find out…

Apple’s at NAB 2007

March 13, 2007

Please, consider adding the gwhiz blog to your RSS feed reading. Thanks!

A month and one day from now isTomorrow’s the big opening day at NAB 2007 and it’s surprisingly quite surrounding the event. Which doesn’t mean anything other than it’s NOTICEABLY quite before NAB. Google’s Dr. Schmidt will be headlining. Which ought to be interesting in and of itself due to the Viacom lawsuit against YouTube. Doubt he’ll have much to say other than what we’ve already heard come out of their circled wagons.

But, isn’t it interesting Dr. Schmidt will be there (he’s on the Apple Board of Directors in addition to heading up the Googleplex)… I’m betting Apple will be there announcing things. LOTS of things.

So, let’s play a little happy-happy, joy-joy. Shall we? [EDITED 4/11/7]

  • Apple’s big media guns are maybe working on an 8-core bad boy. That’s NAB worthy. ANNOUNCED AND SHIPPING!
  • Apple TV’s supposed to be released mid-March… Technically, March 2 is “mid-march”. But, March 14 is far more “mid-March-ish”. Dontcha think? ANNOUNCED AND SHIPPING!
  • Final Cut Studio Pro is due for a nudge up the version chain… Good NAB material.
  • Finally, 10.4.9 was just released with a QuickTime and iTunes update the week prior. And while I haven’t exactly peeked, poked and prodded for a new Apple TV plist… I’m betting it’s in there somewhere lurking to be found. (I’ll post more should I find anything). ANNOUNCED AND SHIPPING!
  • [EDIT: ??? Wonder if the Apple Corp Beatle’s Collection would be suitable fare for an NAB announce…. waiting and waiting… Now, in light of my obvious overly excited state of wanting something, ANYTHING new to come out of Cupertino… I’m hopeful Apple might actually introduce the Beatle’s collection on APRIL 14th to the tune of “Tax Man”. Back to my gibbering and calendar confusion.]

So, for lack of anything definitively “new” there’s rumors of a QuickTime API coming soon (Leopard or later) and some “core” tie-in’s. QuickTime needs some new juice. DivX is kicking their butts hard.

There’s also the “secret features” of Leopard lurking out there somewhere and I’m jonesing hard for some Bittorrent announcement telling of the much anticipated integration with 10.5. That would just so totally blow the industry away at NAB. Noodle that for a bit… don’tcha think?

Songbird for Mac

September 5, 2006

Songbird for Mac is now in my “to evaluate stack” alongside of Daylite and some Bittorrent clients. Stay tuned.

[EDIT: That’s probably the fastest eval of any application I’ve ever done. Songbird is NOT worthy of downloading yet. Steer clear. The Quit command is disabled in the current beta and you have to force quit.]

OS X Leopard, RSS Platform, Bittorrent

August 13, 2006

Niall Kennedy’s discovered a posting in a forum suggesting OS X Leopard includes feed platform? Hey, that’s pretty darned cool!

He further notes that Leopard’s soon to be available via Bittorrent. A quick check… and he’s right. It is.

Well, something is anyway… before you waste your time and a DVD… you might check out MacUser to see what they’ve discovered about certain of these torrents.

Time Warner & Usenet Video

June 27, 2006

There’s a terrific article over at arstechnica about Time Warners’ new move into Usenet video distribution. Pretty cool. Hadn’t ever heard of Guba before today.

While not the Bittorrent news from last week… It’s clear they’re on a tear to figure “it” out. I’m going to remain rock solid in my position – when Apple DOES finally weigh in on feature film distribution they’re going to outstrip anyone else in the space. It’s just a matter of time before the studios HAVE to cut their deals with Cupertino.

I still don’t much like this WMA DRM crap. I’d love to see someone come up with a DRM scheme whereby I ask the service provider for “Matrix: Revolutions” and tell it which DRM I want applied (if any). Then we can all be sufficiently agnostic until time to commit.

Watching 200+ Feeds (Again)

June 21, 2006

Ever do battle with creeping ivy? It burrows just enough to sustain it's march across your property. And so it is with RSS. So many people (Scoble, Zawodny, etc… ok, so two that I can name!) were on about trimming their feeds back to something manageable. Sounded good. So, I did that too.

Pared down from about 500 feeds to about 20. That was about two months ago and yikes! A few of them are back and a whole lot of fresh content (podcasts too) are taking up the void.

I hope when Mac OS X 10.5 (aka Leopard) comes out that Safari gets a pumped up RSS reader and BitTorrent client. Otherwise, I'm going to seriously mull switching to Opera which already has both. there's a BitTorrent client. [Ed. Safari's got a great little RSS reader… just needed to figure out how to bend it to my will.]