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Weld Your Phone to OSX

December 27, 2006

No effing kidding! It’s not often that an app gives me the creepy crawly shivers (QuickSilver was the last one).


BluePhoneElite just did though. Bluetooth phone + Mac OS X… Dial, answer, hang up. Call timer and logging. Caller ID + alerts. SMS from your computer through your phone. Address Book integration. The ONLY things it’s missing are the ability to allow me to answer a call through my laptop, record it and yack at the same time and QuickSilver integration. THAT is the only reason I’d want version 2 to my knowledge. At $20… c’mon!? This is one of the easiest absolutely gonna purchase decisions I’ve had in many moons.

Now, if the iPhone doesn’t come with all of the above… well, Apple will have fallen short of my newfound expectations.

BluePhoneElite Toolbar

[EDIT: The more I tinker with BluePhoneElite the more I like it. Just found BluePhoneEdit beta 2! HOLY TOLEDO! I’m thinking about doing an interview with these guys on version 2.0. Also, noting that there’s a lot of traffic coming from non-referrals and gmail and yahoo mail accounts. If you’re one of these folks I’d kinda like to know what kind of an email was sent out and by whom. Thanks!]

Apple Bluetooth Worm…

February 18, 2006

Yep, it’s happening… What everyone said wasn’t happening because of marketshare: “Security through obscurity” is apparently now over. Apple’s passed a threshold recently it would seem. 🙂 Fine by me. Just be sure you’re OS X is up to date!