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In Manama, Bahrain (pics)

March 1, 2008

Arrived after sundown last night to a pleasant Bahrain evening.

Have started a .Mac Gallery for the trip so you can keep tabs (link).

A couple of friends in London asked what brought me to the middle-east so frequently (third time in two years). Short answer is my day job. It’s not without side benefits though. If you’ve kept up with the news, there are all manner of VC in Dubai and Manama. I’ve been fortunate to have met a few of them. More fortunate still is the fact most of them have offices stateside.Interestingly enough, I was lunching with the Oklahoma Business Ethics group Thursday listening to David Rutkauskas (owns Camille’s Sidewalk Cafés, HQ in Tulsa) and he mentioned they had sold a master franchise license to an operator in the middle east (Dubai and Bahrain specifically). What are the odds that I’d be looking to support a Tulsa-based restaurant on the other side of the globe?

This old world just keeps getting smaller and smaller.