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Zillow’s Carnival of Real Estate

July 12, 2006

I guess this “carnival” thing is a real deal. Zillow’s got one going.

And, this is the first I’ve seen of the Carnival Index. This from the fine folks at Zillow (which I still love):

A blog carnival is a weekly summary of the best posts submitted on an agreed topic. Each blogger takes turns at hosting the carnival on their blog. The host blogger receives carnival submissions during the week and then publishes a summary (the carnival), linking to the full posts submitted by the other bloggers who will typically link to the carnival post from their blogs.


Joe Kissell, Meet Mr. Kawasaki

July 11, 2006

Joe Kissell is definitely living part of the Kawasaki way: “Eat like a hummingbird and poop like an elephant.”

Had any of you heard of Blog Carnivals before? News to me…