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I Have 100 FREE Legit DivX7 Pro SNs

April 15, 2009

DivX7 is unleashed today and it is Bad Ass!

And, our buddies at DivX have graciously done it again and given us 100 DivX Pro (Yes… PRO!) serials.

These are for Mac only folks (this is a Mac-only blog except for the frequent jabbing at the “have-nots” I do for sport).


Way To Go DivX. Bags Sony Deal.

January 8, 2008

My buddies at DivX have been absolutely tearing it up lately. Today’s news of a Sony deal is just one more log on an already toasty bonfire. Kudo’s to Steven Chien and crew.

To get a feel for the super nice quality of DivX visit… You’ll be glad you did.

This brings to mind all the QuickTime frustrations I had when I worked at Apple. The QuickTime team just couldn’t quite develop fast enough to satisfy the appetite for better, faster, smoother. Now that the file sizes are beginning to matter less… QuickTime is becoming (maybe already has become) irrelevant. Must admit I really, really like DivX’s solution.

DivX Holiday Sale. 50% Off.

December 18, 2007

DivX just emailed me their holiday promotional… 50% off all DivX software. That means Pro for Mac and Windows… Only $9.99! The MPEG 2 Plugin is $4.99 and the Audio Enhancer is $4.99 as well.

With all the DivX announcements of late and the PS3 DivX goodness flowing… c’mon! It’s time to support one of the sponsors of this blog (they sometimes give me serials to pass along to the gWHIZ blog readers).

If you’re not quite sold on DivX’ quality yet… Go visit Stage6 (the DivX HD theater). You will be impressed in short order.

FREE DivX Serials For Leopard Haiku

September 10, 2007

The folks at DivX have done it again. Their generosity is over the top! The gWHIZ blog has two DivX Pro serials for OSX to award.

This time, in honor of the release of Leopard next month, I think it only fitting to hold a Leopard Haiku contest. Enter as many times as you like.

The best two haiku in honor of OSX Leopard take home the two serials. As a guide please check out Wikipedia’s entry on Haiku. For inspiration you might also check out Stage6.

Deadline? Comments close October 1 (you never know… el Jobso could just drop the X Bomb on us earlier than any of us expect)

Stick It To ‘Em DivX!

September 7, 2007

Universal, how do I loath thee? Let me count the ways.

I love DivX. More specifically, I am totally in love with Stage6. Why? They’re scrappy. They treat their raging thunder lizards (their evangelists) like gold. And, last and most importantly, their product is awesome!

So, Mr. DivX man… stick it to ’em. Stick it to ’em good. Stick it to ’em hard. Knock the Hulu out of ’em!

Kulabyte’s HD is Fabulous!

August 9, 2007

Man, oh man! Are the codec’s coming fast and furious these days or what!?

I was reading the comments in Dr. Jonathan Schwartz’ announcement of their latest processor at Sun. One of the commenters is from Kulabyte which was interesting enough to draw a clickthrough. Holy smokes! Their HD video is awesome!

I love DivX and Stage6. There’s so much on the video encoding side of life to like these days.

FREE DivX Pro Serial. Act FAST!!

June 7, 2007

You know how crazy, nutso I am about DivX and Stage6. Those crazy guys are giving Mac serials away like hot cakes. Get in on the action! This is one you don’t want to miss!

Real Player 11. REAL Wrong!

June 1, 2007

 Please, consider adding the gwhiz blog to your RSS feed reading. Thanks!

Robert Scoble, who’s blog commenters are usually VERY insightful (self excluded) have called BS on Real.

An announcement of his recently touted Real Player 11 as ‘offline’ capable. Meaning… it can help you download content like Flash, YouTube, QuickTime and DivX media a bit ‘easier’. [EDIT: implying ‘for later viewing pleasure’ which is actually a good idea]

Dare Obasanjo, who also has a fine blog, keenly noted Real might double check to see that they’re not akimbo with YouTube’s Terms of Service. And, they most certainly will be. With YouTube AND with DivX’ Stage6 and possibly with a host of others.

The comments are trending toward not just being majority NEGATIVE. It’s wholly negative. Not a single positive comment. Methinks Mr. Glaser and co have an issue. Could be they HAVE permission. If so, simply say so. My issues with the topic will be addressed. I think there are still lots of skeletons in that particular closet.

YouTube, Stage6 and AppleTV

May 30, 2007


OK, so Apple’s flashing some new direction with AppleTV… YouTube’s coming. Makes sense, kind of. Schmidt’s on the Apple Board. OK.

Sure hope DivX could somehow swing a similar place at the table ’cause as Mr. Scoble’s saying if Apple took the HD road… Apple would dominate the industry. Better yet, plug Cuban’s HD delivery network into AppleTV… HOLY TOLEDO!

On page 18 of the press release is news the AppleTV’s upgrading to 160Gb. As Borat would say, “A Niiiiice.”

DIVx Beta. Goes Universal.

May 12, 2007

Universal binary is coming for us Mac folk!

This is AWESOME news. An already terrific DIVx codec and video experience is about to get a tad better.