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Real Player 11. REAL Wrong!

June 1, 2007

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Robert Scoble, who’s blog commenters are usually VERY insightful (self excluded) have called BS on Real.

An announcement of his recently touted Real Player 11 as ‘offline’ capable. Meaning… it can help you download content like Flash, YouTube, QuickTime and DivX media a bit ‘easier’. [EDIT: implying ‘for later viewing pleasure’ which is actually a good idea]

Dare Obasanjo, who also has a fine blog, keenly noted Real might double check to see that they’re not akimbo with YouTube’s Terms of Service. And, they most certainly will be. With YouTube AND with DivX’ Stage6 and possibly with a host of others.

The comments are trending toward not just being majority NEGATIVE. It’s wholly negative. Not a single positive comment. Methinks Mr. Glaser and co have an issue. Could be they HAVE permission. If so, simply say so. My issues with the topic will be addressed. I think there are still lots of skeletons in that particular closet.


YouTube, Stage6 and AppleTV

May 30, 2007


OK, so Apple’s flashing some new direction with AppleTV… YouTube’s coming. Makes sense, kind of. Schmidt’s on the Apple Board. OK.

Sure hope DivX could somehow swing a similar place at the table ’cause as Mr. Scoble’s saying if Apple took the HD road… Apple would dominate the industry. Better yet, plug Cuban’s HD delivery network into AppleTV… HOLY TOLEDO!

On page 18 of the press release is news the AppleTV’s upgrading to 160Gb. As Borat would say, “A Niiiiice.”

DIVx Beta. Goes Universal.

May 12, 2007

Universal binary is coming for us Mac folk!

This is AWESOME news. An already terrific DIVx codec and video experience is about to get a tad better.

1080p With DivX Codec

February 7, 2007

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Elephant’s Dream in 1080p at Stage6. Folks, you’d bust your hump getting Apple’s codecs to squirt out anything this good.

TWO FREE DivX Pro Serials (Windows)

February 6, 2007

Update: FREE Mac DivX Pro licenses available for a limited time…

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DivX codecSteven at DivX has VERY graciously provided me two DivX Pro for Windows serials, no strings attached. So, this Sunday night I’ll award one each to the two best essays submitted to the comments below as to what you need them for. Doesn’t matter if you’re a student, a pro, a hack… the two best essays each get a DivX Pro serial. Pass this URL onto your friends who might be interested. I hope comments get really outrageous 🙂

I’m a BIG fan of this codec. To see it at it’s finest… Simply go to Stage6!

Maximum transparency/disclaimer: I am in no way beholden to DivX and they have NOT compensated me in any way other than to provide the occassional serial number for their Pro apps (which, except for the one I’m using, I’ve given away to readers of the gWHIZ blog)

Thanks Mr. Scoble for the Shins

February 6, 2007

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I monitor a TON of RSS feeds. And, then I monitor a ton more by way of Robert Scoble’s link blog. In Guy Kawasaki speak… he eats like a hummingbird and poops like an elephant. If you don’t yet subscribe to Mr. Scoble’s link blog you might consider it. There are some fine gems in that poop! 🙂

I find his tech interests are largely where mine are too. We diverge in some places but the cool thing is his interests are nicely rounding out my own “blind spots”. I’m a lot more plugged in and engaged in the ebb and flow of the industry because of his link blog. Om Malik’s properties are that way too (highly recommend those).

For instance Fred Wilson’s feed, who’s opinions I’m finding I value very much, reveals he’s a big indy music guy. His family consumes it like popcorn. So, I learn a lot of interesting indy music stuff… FROM A VC!? Yep. And, Robert just lobbed in a goody yesterday about the Shins and how their piracy situation has turned into a big selling boon to their latest release (thanks Mr. Scoble!)

That link of Robert’s led me down a path to DivX’ Stage6 where there’s a great video of The Shins’ Phantom Limb. I’m finding I love the DivX encoder (have two Pro licenses going for free if you’re interested) and the quality it has over all the stock codecs Apple ships with Final Cut Studio Pro. Man this stuff rocks!

More DivX Please?

December 15, 2006

Thomas Hawk has a tight bead on imagery be it photographed or I guess, now video. I had no idea.

Lately I’ve been really jazzed about DivX and it’s quality and penchant for just making a really fine codec. Having recently given a license of DivX away and kept the other for yours truly (congrats again Cal and thanks again DivX!) this is one situation where I didn’t get what I paid for. However, true to the free content meme I immediately went to their site to find some extensions to buy… Alas, no Mac parity to the Windows offering. Yet. Stay tuned though… I’ll be quick to relay the news when they announce the new goodies coming down the assembly line.