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Engadget’s Apple Kabob

May 17, 2007

AppleĀ Spikes

Crap! Did Engadget skewer Apple (AAPL) yesterday or what!?

The inverted spike you see above means some people bailed on rumor. Some people wonder if there’s an Engadget lawsuit coming? Nah, too many people MADE a hell of a lot of money yesterday. Look at the elasticity of this thing! SHEESH!

Apple Bluetooth Worm…

February 18, 2006

Yep, it’s happening… What everyone said wasn’t happening because of marketshare: “Security through obscurity” is apparently now over. Apple’s passed a threshold recently it would seem. šŸ™‚ Fine by me. Just be sure you’re OS X is up to date!

Apple’s Touchscreen Patent

February 17, 2006

Engadget’s post on Apple’s USPTO filing on their touchscreen reminds me of the days I worked on the Newton Messagepad as an Apple SE. We were trying to come up with a fruit rollup kind of keyboard for the ADB port. Came darned close too. This shouldn’t be that big of a trick to pull off. Jonathan Ive can make anything easy look masterfully brilliant anyway. He is amazing!