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Sundance Film Festival Movies on iTunes

February 2, 2008

OK, now how cool is this!? I love, love, love short films. Everything about the format. Everything about the creative. Everything about the story telling. It’s always appealed to me. Sitting in a theater for 108 minutes waiting for a (usually predictable) plot to unfold is boring. “Helvetica” being the sole, recent exception.

The Sundance Film Festival is something I look forward to every year. Why? I just really like the quantity of creativity. For instance:

Madam Tutli-Putli is a story of a lady who hopped the night train and found herself stuck between real and imagined worlds.

The Apology Line was the most talked about documentary at Sundance. You know the one, where folks can call up and confess any old thing. Yeah, a must see.

Wind, Ten Years Old is the story of a 10-year old Iranian student and the propaganda machine that is her school system.

Please Stand Back is a film about soundscapes – architecture’s effect on the sound shapes in urban spaces. Having seen Fountainhead for the first time this past year I’m drawn to movies on architecture and structures as art.

So, if you have any interest in Sundance 2007 or Sundance 2008… here you go. (All links open to iTunes)

iTunes Movies This Week

September 5, 2006

Based on: AppleInsider | Apple to roll-out iTunes movies and one more thing

I’m strongly thinking Apple’s making a big push into the living room this year. The pieces are just about in place if you think about it… They have these really nifty speakers. Macs finally a good platform for surround sound. You’ve got music and video (just about licked).

Just seems to make sense that the battle over the in home entertainment space heats up.

Snakes On A Plane

August 3, 2006

Samuel L Jackson just phoned my dad and gave him hell about his beard and his car… all the while pumping up his new motion picture “Snakes on a Plane”.

Fun, fun! You ought to try this. It’s freakin’ cool!! (more…)