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Sprint Releases EVDO Rev. A Card, Faster Than ‘Regular’ EVDO – Gizmodo

August 25, 2006

Sprint Releases EVDO Rev. A Card, Faster Than ‘Regular’ EVDO – Gizmodo

By now, you trustly loyal readers know I’ve fallen helplessly in love with wireless computing. My dear little Sony Ericcson EDGE card has done a marvelous job. Since I travel a fair bit I’m reluctant to offer it for sale to go to EVDO. Speed is of secondary concern. Coverage is primary. I’m just not sure I’ll get the coverage domestically and overseas by switching away from GSM + TMobile. Oh, and the fact it works like a friggin champ on my PowerBook… utmost concern!

Whaddya think RD? You of all people would know…

The Linksys WRT54G3G-ST EVDO Router!

August 9, 2006

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TechDepot has the Linksys WRT54G3G-ST EVDO Router in stock. $219.95 + $12.15 shipping.

Please feel free to use the product link below:

The Linksys WRT54G3G-ST EVDO Router (Sprint)

Full disclaimer: The above ARE affiliate links and I REALLY appreciate your interest. I know you’ll love this router and the Sprint or AT&T service you’ll need to use it with. Blogmobile! 🙂

Linksys isn’t even promoting this dude yet so I feel fortunate to have an industry scoop. Google seems to think so. That or I have the product number wrong but I don’t think so… But wait, there’s more!

Novatel V640, EVDO, MacBook Pro

August 2, 2006

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Since the MacBook Pro has standardized on the Express Card format and jettisoned PCMCIA… Apple’s been without an EVDO card option for their pro laptops… That is until now.

Verizon and the Novatel V640 are supposed to be pretty hot. The forums are filling up with underinformed campers out there, though.

I also happen to know a guy close to the whole EVDO side of life here in town… Maybe he’ll drop a line as to what works and what doesn’t with Macs and Sprint’s networks. RD, care to enlighten the EVDO hungry Mac horde? 🙂

Apple Store

iPhone Concepts

August 1, 2006

If Apple ever does come out with an iPhone I hope they come out with something akin to some of these. I think I’d actually buy the (more…)

Macintosh, EVDO, Ericsson GC89 & EDGE

February 16, 2006

OK, so I took possession of the GC89 card before lunch. Short of it… It works!
Installation was anything but straight forward. I didn’t keep track of how much time I spent trying to get in touch with just the right tier of support at T-Mobile (but, I did eventually). Probably close to an hour.

I’ll post my trials/tribulations in the hopes it will help some folks out there. (more…)

EVDO for my Mac… VERY Cool!

February 15, 2006

Just got off the phone with Bill at and got one hell of a deal on the GC89 Erricson EVDO card.

Here’s the deal – $0 for the card and the standard $49.99/mo data plan + $35 activation! Holy throughput man! AND NO EXTENSION OF MY TMOBILE CONTRACT NEEDED!!! Can’t beat that with a stick!
Since Mr. Scoble was railing on the lack of merits for WiFi in favor of EVDO… I just had to try it