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Urchin 6 Announced

October 16, 2007

Brett announced at the eMetrics event today that the fabled Urchin 6 is forthcoming. About time guys 😉

Put my hat in the ring to give it a good testing on the Mac platform. We’ll see if they’ll play ball.

For those of you scratching your head… Urchin is the Google Analytics server packaged up for retail. If you’ve used Analytics you’ve been getting a fair bit of goodies we paid up Urchin 5 folks have been itching to get for years (literally). So, to us Urchin 6 is a big deal.

Urchin Web Analytics and OSX Server

September 10, 2007

OK, all two of you folks out there running Urchin on OSX Server might find this interesting. Everyone else… keep mulling what Leopard’s release date is going to be.

So, I installed Urchin 5.7.03 many moons ago. Today I activated the UTM (user tracking module) and E-commerce (ELF Processing) modules. And, guess, what happened. Big load of nothing. So, I follow what little instruction there is on the Google site (since they DID buy-out Urchin) and their documentation is woefully bad. You think Apple’s short on documentation… Boy howdy, the folks at Google Analytics have one on Cupertino.

So, all this to say, I’ll be posting EDITs to this post as I learn more. Feel free to do the same. Send me screen shots of the necessary Urchin settings & embedded scripts. I’d really like to get UTM and ELF working cross domain sooner rather than later.

Google Analytics 2.0

May 8, 2007

A new Google Analytics will be announced momentarily. This post will be updated as information flows in and as I get access to the new interface.

Just now appearing on my Analytics login is the following pic (2.0 not live yet). Have links though (bottom).

Google Analytics 2.0

Take a tour | Feature Page | FAQs | Learn More

My First Google AdWords Campaign

March 20, 2007

Just set up my first Google AdWords campaign.

Totally painless and a fairly straightforward process. Will be interesting to see how the different geographies pull and on which keywords. What a hoot.

Google Analytics Codes FOUND!

May 27, 2006

I have finally found an angle on the Google Analytics activation codes I’ve been hunting for for so long… (more…)

More Unused Google Analytics Codes

April 3, 2006

I’ve been doing a lot of poking around lately on SEM and SEO stuff.

Basically, honing my tagging and html skills every so often leads me off into interesting terrain. In the course of all that I usually go hiking through the source of all the big, household name sites like Search Engine Watch, etc to unravel what they’re doing for themselves.

You learn a lot about an industry that way. Travel was the same. Observe, mimic, iterate.

So, while munging around in source code the past couple weeks I found a TON of these sites are using Google Analytics and I’ll be darned if some of these sites didn’t just add their uacct data (essentially the script) in the past few days.

Either Google is finally clearing the logjam and doling out Analytics codes OR folks are routing around the damage and finding new and novel ways of getting their hands on user accounts.

Please, if someone stumbles across what is going on out there on this topic… share the goods.

On Google (and Yahoo!?) Analytics…

February 27, 2006

I was fishing around over at trying to learn a bit more about “autocomplete” and AJAX.

So, obviously I looked at the source. Immediately I noticed they’re using Google Analytics. But, I noticed something that smelled altogether new and different… Yahoo Analytics? WHAT!? That looks like an Overture Analytics script in there to me… But, what is it? I’ve never heard of that program before…

Maybe it’s some kind of script to tell Mr. Jones and friends how their online marketing spends are working with Overture (maybe).

Anyone know what that little Yahoo Analytics snippet in’s home page is all about? Curious minds…