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Offline Web Apps. How Important To YOU?

September 18, 2007

Zimbra, Zoho, Google Reader/Apps, Remember the Milk… all are either already or are showing tendencies toward offline accessibility to your data.

Technologies in play: Apache Derby, Lucene, Google Gears, SQLite

How important is that turning out to be to you folks… Being able to take your data on the road? Thanks! (On a fact finding mission with this one. Really appreciating your help in advance!)

Google Gears for WebKit (aka Safari)

August 23, 2007

Requires XCode and a Mac obviously. Hell yes! Will post more once I’ve done the nasty bits first. So excited I just had to blog it RFN. XCode is free. So, head on over to Apple Developer Connection and roll your own.

Google Gears For Mac

June 6, 2007

DO NOT try and install Google Gears with anything OTHER than Firefox (you may even have to specifically ALLOW Firefox to install from

Gears apparently is NOT friendly with Safari, the nightly builds of WebKit, with the new Camino or with Opera.

Figures. Isn’t Dr. Schmidt on Apple’s Board of Directors? Didn’t I hear that somewhere?