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Do The Engines Suck? Or Just the Searches?

October 12, 2006

Battelle’s book, “The Search” has this nifty little bit about intent.

The engine that can anticipate my intent (somehow, someway) will win huge. Until then… search results are going to be largely hit and miss. (more…)


Google Image Labeler

September 7, 2006

Google Image Labeler

As Matt Cutts says… BIG time sink. Fun. But, don’t go there!

An Enemy of My Enemy Might Be My New Board Member

August 30, 2006

I’m a firm believer in stacking your board with insanely strong contributors. Gore’s a great choice. Anderson’s a great choice. Jobs… well, nothing need further be said there. Schmidt… Awesome.

But, there’s this sense that something big is looming. And, there’s always going to be something big looming. If you’re an Apple or a Google (or a Microsoft) if you don’t have something big ahead… you’re toast.

Look, I bought a position in Apple in the past two weeks. I’m following them like a HAWK now that I have skin at play. And the board looks like this:

Bill Campell:
OPSWARE, Director

Millard Drexler
THE GAP, Chairman

Stephen Paul Jobs:
DISNEY, Director
THE GAP, Director

Arthur Levinson, Ph. D.:
GOOGLE, Director

Fred Anderson:
EBAY INC, Director

Jerome B York:
GEN MOTORS, Director

Albert Gore, Jr.

Now, add Dr. Eric Schmidt

To think these folks don’t bring shortcuts into the other companies they’re directors/executives at is goofy (sorry, Disney). But, it is! Because THEY DO! They’re so well connected into the fabric it would be foolish not to harness their networks. Now, I’m not entirely sure if Mr. Jobs is still on The Gap BoD. At one time he was. I’m leaving it in until I find out otherwise.

I also think that the “gang up” boardroom tactics aren’t necessarily bad either. Why the heck not!? If you have a common strategic foe… build some corporate girth/alliances to take on the opponent. By all means! I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Mr. Jobs and Dr. Schmidt compare notes and intel on Redmond. That would be a hoot.

“Well, Steve they’re doing THIS well. But here’s where we see opportunities.” Stare… “Uh huh… So, where’re Sergey and Larry on this? We were supposed to get three for the price of one.” “Hammocks. They’re still in their hammocks.”

Stories which might be helpful/interesting perspective:
Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing: Google CEO joins Apple board – is there more to this?

Silicon Beat: Apple and Google alliance — makes sense given culture, goals

Google Moves Into Enterprise Apps

August 27, 2006

Well, it’s official… Google’s now offering email, calendaring, messaging and site hosting for companies. Looks to be called Google Apps.

Apparently they’re announcing this tomorrow. But, I just signed up, confirmed participation (approved) and am betting that early tomorrow morning there won’t be any slots left (if gmail and analytics are any indicator).

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Google Analytics Codes FOUND!

May 27, 2006

I have finally found an angle on the Google Analytics activation codes I’ve been hunting for for so long… (more…)

Google, MetaCarta and The Enterprise

May 17, 2006

This is a HUGE deal! HUGE!!

If you’re into GIS or map-based search this is indispensable and worth every ounce of your attention.

I think Google’s getting the better end of the deal here to be honest. The folks at MetaCarta are absolutely top-shelf talent (not that Google’s aren’t, ok?). But, Cambridge is a far better place because of what’s going on with this powerhouse of a company and the people in it.

Watch them closely. They’re destined for greatness!

Urchin v6 and Google Analytics

May 15, 2006

Am I glad or what!?

I’ve been desperate (really desperate) to get my hands on a Google Analytics account. There’s nothing to be had out there by way of an acvtivation code. But, what I did see isn’t worth swapping horses anyway. A buddy showed me his Google Analytics account. It’s OK. Urchin is better. MUCH!

Which leads me to my next revelation: Urchin lives! Google hasn’t killed it. Quite the opposite. It’s thriving and version 6 is due out soon. Which means I’ll get an upgrade from the 5.x version. AWESOME!

I’d been so bummed when all my support links went straight to Google’s Analytics site that I thought we’d bought into a deadend product. Not the case at all. See! Support still exists and version 6 is on deck to release! YIPPEEEE!