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Urchin v6 and Google Analytics

May 15, 2006

Am I glad or what!?

I’ve been desperate (really desperate) to get my hands on a Google Analytics account. There’s nothing to be had out there by way of an acvtivation code. But, what I did see isn’t worth swapping horses anyway. A buddy showed me his Google Analytics account. It’s OK. Urchin is better. MUCH!

Which leads me to my next revelation: Urchin lives! Google hasn’t killed it. Quite the opposite. It’s thriving and version 6 is due out soon. Which means I’ll get an upgrade from the 5.x version. AWESOME!

I’d been so bummed when all my support links went straight to Google’s Analytics site that I thought we’d bought into a deadend product. Not the case at all. See! Support still exists and version 6 is on deck to release! YIPPEEEE!

How Long Will You Live? Find Out!

May 10, 2006

Dr. Eric Schmidt (yeah, Google’s current CEO) was at Google’s Press Day today and among all the blah, blah, blah for the MSM said something interesting as an aside. (more…)

More Unused Google Analytics Codes

April 3, 2006

I’ve been doing a lot of poking around lately on SEM and SEO stuff.

Basically, honing my tagging and html skills every so often leads me off into interesting terrain. In the course of all that I usually go hiking through the source of all the big, household name sites like Search Engine Watch, etc to unravel what they’re doing for themselves.

You learn a lot about an industry that way. Travel was the same. Observe, mimic, iterate.

So, while munging around in source code the past couple weeks I found a TON of these sites are using Google Analytics and I’ll be darned if some of these sites didn’t just add their uacct data (essentially the script) in the past few days.

Either Google is finally clearing the logjam and doling out Analytics codes OR folks are routing around the damage and finding new and novel ways of getting their hands on user accounts.

Please, if someone stumbles across what is going on out there on this topic… share the goods.

Siding with Mr. Battelle (Sort Of)

March 8, 2006

I’m very familiar with Google Scholar and think it’s an AWESOME concept.

I’m not so thrilled with Google’s strongarm, what-seems-to-be copyright trashing method of going about building out their content repository. I’m also very familiar with the publishing world (science, technical, medical or STM) and as a “publisher” I think other publishing outfits would be INSANE not to participate in Google’s program.

There IS a way to do it and reap HUGE incremental business.

So, on the one hand Mr. John Battelle is spot on the money. Essentially, Google’s yet again changing the face of a landscape. It’s the future. Get over it. On the other hand, when Mr. Battelle as an author is dictating to me as a publisher the terms and conditions of MY copyright… um, again, as a “publisher” I think I’d tell my prospective new author to find a new place to publish. He might want to do that anyway if Penguin or their ilk can’t seem to get with the program.

Wish I had the swing to bring Mr. Battelle’s book over to my publishing house (even though we’re a horrible fit).

Google GDrive. How ‘Bout a Google GMachine

March 8, 2006

Seriously, if they’re going to STORE my files (Golden Copy my ass!) why not just offer me a full time teat on the vastly powerful Google GMachine?

I may come across as having and axe to grind on the whole “Google as a lifestyle” thing… I don’t know. I Google around a lot. They’ve made everyone else step up and perform to a new standard. That’s all great. It just feels like they’re reaching a bit deeper down into the funnel (to borrow a Seth Godin ism) than I’m liking.

Gosh, I don’t like Apple making speakers (even great ones) and I don’t like Google storing my “for the record” files. Maybe I DO keep my peas and carrots seperate and eat my meat first, THEN my taters.

Bad day!

Google’s Not Embarassed… They’re Refining!

March 7, 2006

You know. So what… Google’s Desktop thingy doesn’t reindex moved files on the fly. Apple’s Spotlight does. I gather (though I won’t waste the cycles) that MSN’s equivalent does too. Yahoo’s?

Once upon a time there were ZERO airlines offering frequent flier miles. ZERO. Now, they all do and it’s a big game (for them and us).

Now, the biggies out there (GYM) are in this feature-bloat race to the middle. Very little of this stuff is actually worth a poop. Spotlight even falls short in most respects (EEK!) What I really find compelling and useful is Quicksilver on the Mac. It finds stuff in “too fast time” and has basically replaced the desktop and mousing around as I used to know it.

Now, Google would do VERY well to snap THAT group up tomorrow and port it to every platform known to mankind (as well as those we don’t yet know about).

OOF! Google Research

February 22, 2006

Peter Norvig has just cracked Google’s Research Dept open a little. AWESOME!

Have you ever wanted to watch great thinkers… Well, think and do their thing? I know I sure have. I hope that’s what Dr. Norvig has in mind. Cheering them on from very near the center of the Google Maps Universe otherwise known as the “cheap seats” aka Tulsa, OK :)


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