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Showtime Full Coverage

September 11, 2006

Thanks everyone for coming over to the g-WH!Z blog. Please remember to subscribe to the feed and link over. Much appreciated!

Stream is on!

Coverage doesn’t stop here. I’ll be updating on the streaming situation and the software update timing. Stay tuned!

Store is back up. Am downloading iTunes7 now via iTunes website (not available yet in Software Update).

iTunes 7 requires a QuickTime update to 7.1.3! Well, sure it does! 🙂


iTMS v. Wal-Mart

September 5, 2006

I’ve posted about Wal-Mart before. I admire the heck out of them for one simple reason: They save consumers a ton of money.

On several occassions I worked closely with the packaging group, warehousing group and with the buyer trainer within Wal-Mart. They’re an amazingly focused outfit!

BusinessWeek and Don Dodge are suggesting some numbers More on the flip side

iTunes Movies This Week

September 5, 2006

Based on: AppleInsider | Apple to roll-out iTunes movies and one more thing

I’m strongly thinking Apple’s making a big push into the living room this year. The pieces are just about in place if you think about it… They have these really nifty speakers. Macs finally a good platform for surround sound. You’ve got music and video (just about licked).

Just seems to make sense that the battle over the in home entertainment space heats up.

If Apple Made A Car?

May 20, 2006

Wired has this neat little area of their site called Autopia. I’ve seen it mentioned before but had never clicked through until today. Something caught my eye about alt fuels. And it got me to wondering after I had finished the article…

If Apple made cars what would they make? What would the buzz be like before their first model ever hit the street? You know it would be intense! (more…)

iPod HiFi

February 28, 2006

Not to burst anyone’s bubble (as if I could)… But, just why the hell am I supposed to get excited about APPLE coming out with a speaker?

Nope. Boring!

But, Gerald… It’s integrated soooo nicely and sounds soooo good!

So friggin what!? Has there EVER been any question the iPod was capable of HiFi? Did Apple feel compelled to PROVE something here? Sure feels like it.

Now, the Mac mini… I get excited about. Spotlight I get excited about. XServe I get excited about. OS X I get excited about. Tablets I get excited about. Hell, the iPod I was excited about from the get go (having been a Newton die hard) because of the small form factor and the nifty as hell OS.

But, wireless mice. Wireless keyboards. Speakers. C’mon guys. “Focus” not “Fiddle”