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Digitizing 45s to MP3?

November 30, 2006

Dad’s got these humungous stacks of 45’s. Some are from his personal collection. Some were inherited from Grandma. Saw a title in there, Mel Tillis’ Coca-Cola Cowboy made me smile about Grandma dancing around in her kitchen years ago.

I’d love to digitize some (if not all) of them to MP3s as a special present to him. Anyone have any good advice on getting this done? I’d like to do it myself rather than farming it out. Call me cheap… Heck, I’d just love to learn how to do it in a high quality kinda way! It’s for my dear ole Dad after all. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tips? How to clean them? Wire them through to a Mac for capture? Tweaks, etc?

iPod versus…?

November 17, 2006

There’s a lot of smack being talked about “the next iPod killer” whether that’s the Zune, the Sansa, the next thing from iRiver… Even collectively they’re not taking ANY marketshare AWAY from Apple. They’re simply making a bigger market and that’s happening for a variety of reasons. Face it. Very few people (I know only two) refuse to own anything Apple. They’re down on the company, brand, technology, kool-aid thing. One of the guy’s old and cranky and just plain off his rocker half the time. And, the other fellows closer to my age than he is to Cranky’s… and well, he just doesn’t like anything that isn’t built from components from Fry’s. Everyone else I know is at least open to owning at least an iPod (most already do).

So, what’s the real threat here? We know Apple’s not going to stand still. The iPod platform is a moving target. But one that’s getting bigger all the time. They’ve picked up a TON of new Apple customers (for iPods, MacBooks, etc)… The truth of it is – Microsoft is probably hemhorraging customers right now. But, and this is significant, Microsoft *HAS* entered the MP3 player market with a version 1.0 Zune. That just brought them one VERY significant step closer to threatening iPod. Ballmer’s not going to sit still either. He’s going to take the fight to iPod. His version 1.0 may not seem like much. But, do you remember version 1.0 of iPod? Compared to today’s experience… I wouldn’t have one. I’d have been very shocked if Microsoft had come out with a winning hand for version 1.0: They haven’t learned their lessons yet.

So, the bar’s been raised pretty high. Right? Well, yes and no. See… Apple’s learned a gob of lessons first-hand. They know and remember exactly how they came to be where they are now. They learned to grow up fast, iterate, grow more, iterate, etc. The only saving grace Apple has is no one else is really iterating a whole package across multiple platforms. The saving grace (and it’s not to be counted on really) is that Microsoft doesn’t seem to have iterative design in their DNA. They just don’t do things too very quickly. And, no one on the Windows side of life is going to seriously threaten Apple’s lock on the Mac platform. Unless… you see that little brown app pop up on a Mac some day. That will signal some serious throw down is coming.

DVD Jon Fairplays Apple

October 2, 2006

GigaOM ยป DVD Jon Fairplays Apple

So, let me get this straight… Jon Lech Johansen (aka DVD Jon) has reverse engineered the FairPlay DRM and has now put some DRM of his own together that works okie dokie on the iPod. Uh huh.

And, how, exactly does this not get him sued?

Or, put more precisely. If Apple can shut the door behind them on DRM once… and with the quick generation of new devices how long do you think they’ll allow competing (if essentially same) DRMs to function on their gear?

Apple – Seminars Training & Events

September 22, 2006

Free Apple Seminars online? You bet and they’re fantastic! Click for all the details

QT 7.1.3 Flash Playback

September 13, 2006

So, I’m updating to iT7 yesterday and the iTS tells me it needs a QT update to 7.1.3. Okie dokie.

Well, as I’m double checking to see that it didn’t tromp on my QT Pro key I see that Flash playback is now a check box on the prefs pane. HUH!?

Turns out the iPod games are Flash based. Makes sense then that the iPod (a QuickTime device if there ever was one) would inherit the Flash goodness.

VERY slick!

Showtime Full Coverage

September 11, 2006

Thanks everyone for coming over to the g-WH!Z blog. Please remember to subscribe to the feed and link over. Much appreciated!

Stream is on!

Coverage doesn’t stop here. I’ll be updating on the streaming situation and the software update timing. Stay tuned!

Store is back up. Am downloading iTunes7 now via iTunes website (not available yet in Software Update).

iTunes 7 requires a QuickTime update to 7.1.3! Well, sure it does! ๐Ÿ™‚


Apple, Creative Settle Dispute

August 23, 2006

If you can’t beat em, pay em off. Apple & Creative Announce Broad Settlement Ending Legal Disputes Between the Companies.

Back when Sim Hoo announced they were going to beat Apple with something new and exciting I had a vehement reaction unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. I remember it really well. It was a cross between a snort and a laugh… but the air was trying to go in as it was also trying to go out. I dang near choked myself blue, my eyes were all teared up and my ears rang for nearly an hour. Honest to God truth. Like inhaling a gnat or something while getting the Jackie Chan style treatment to the head.

So, when I saw the press release I felt like Mr. Hooey finally got his day. Apple must have REALLY tred all over Creative’s intellectual property. If it wasn’t for deep pockets… I don’t suppose we’ll know where that one could have gone.

Now, Creative has cash in the coffers to pound the hell out of Zune and the cell phone co’s. While Apple essentially passes “go” but pays $100M.

Oddly, there’s some inequality in this deal… several people are losing their jobs today and in the coming days at Apple Stores Retail for Leopard related activity (still not clear what really happened there) and maybe cost Apple all of $1,000 (before legal fees). Some doofus gets akimbo with Creative’s intellectual property and costs the company $100 MILLION. Wonder if their box was packed for them and a free escort to the parking lot was provided? Kinda doubting it.