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Finally. iTunes Rental Links.

January 15, 2008

Rentals are finally beginning to appear on the iTunes store tonight. Several hours passed after the Macworld Expo keynote without anything in the way of movie rentals. Many of us were beginning to wonder if we’d misinterpretted the statements from the stage. No worries… Rentals are appearing.

Appears there are 150 rental videos if the advanced search count can be trusted. Some are rent only and can’t be directly linked to yet. Or, they’re buy/rent. I don’t specifically remember the days when there were this few of anything in the iTunes Store (music or otherwise). Jobs sure got a lot of buzz and press out of 150 files.

The following are the only movies I can link directly to (there are several more. However, the “copy iTunes URL” method isn’t working for those. Need to poke around a bit and get my bearings back. Be advised: These links WILL launch iTunes and you’ll need to have upgraded to iTunes 7.6 in order to “rent”):

iTunes 7.6 Available

January 15, 2008

Be quick and you can nab iTunes 7.6 before it’s generally “found out”. I’ve downloaded it and confirmed it’s 7.6 (Mac anyway).

Leopard/iTunes Visualizer Video

October 2, 2007

OK, how about some early Halloween eye-candy folks?

Pixar’s Lifted

ListenUp –>>

September 26, 2007

Back and podcasting to boot. Yep, that’s right. The “first corporate podcast” kid is back in the ring to take another swing. 

It’s not polished. It’s done with stock kit. It’s not edited. It’s done in one take.

It’s as much as I can fit in THREE minutes. I’ll try to do this daily with the hope of getting better and more focused. But, if I don’t have anything to say… I’m not going to waste your time and mine with more rambling stupidity than I’m already known for.

Robert… This is your doing man! Well, you, Adam and Jeff. The whole idea of a personal, do it yourself media space… Yeah, you guys are the reason this high-quality production stuff is being driven down to the desktop. And, for that, thanks!


The production of the gWH!Z podcast is done with a MacBookPro, QuickTime Pro, the old school iSight (GREAT audio recorder when handheld),, files saved as .mov and converted to 22.050 MHz MP3s via iTunes, and last and certainly not least… Leopard for the OS.

Amazonmp3 v. iTunes Store

September 26, 2007

Folks, it’s WAY too early to be drawing any kind of conclusive comparisons of Amazonmp3 (beta) and the iTunes Store (I’ll call it version 7). Although, Om Malik has a very good side by side and where our options weigh in at.

First, the online music business is really just getting started. It’s by no means a mature market. Maturing? Yes. Mature. Nope. No one place has the whole package. The recommendation engines are weak. The social sharing of lists is far from ideal… The list of deficiencies and possible innovation is long.

Second. Remember back when Bezos and co. came on the scene? They were pooh-poohed and discounted. Then they promptly began pulling judo moves on the BOOK industry of all boring things and look at them now! No. To be sure, Amazon’s got the clout, the respect, the scalable computing and the prowess to get into this market and make some amazing things occur (89 cents at a time).

Sure, they’re not selling music in far flung countries yet. It’s not even a week old folks! (sheesh)

Third. Pricing is, um, interesting. I’ve bought one whole album on iTunes. Everything else has been onesy-twosy singles. They’ve chosen to offer almost all of their Top 100 singles at 89 cents per. OK, that’s Long Tail thinking. Buy the pop business with a dime discount and market the peeps like crazy and feed them on the Long Tail at 99 cents a bite.

Fourth. Their DRM policy is Spot Freakin On The Money. Why they have better DRM deals than Apple I can only imagine. They may have had to give a LOT of concessions to swing those deals. Concessions Apple just wasn’t willing to make. OK, fine. That simply left the door open for someone else to come in and put on a show to challenge Apple’s dominance. Keep in mind… Bezos has show us time and time again he’s willing to LOSE LOTS OF MONEY to eventually own a category. If they had to sell their Soul to get to DRMless R&B – he’s the guy that would have done it.

Finally. We’re in the very early moments of the first round of the bout. Up to this point Apple’s been shadow boxing. Now, someone with some real teeth and competitive umpf to them is bobbing and weaving across the deck. And, this isn’t even the championship round. There are some contenders out there we haven’t even heard from yet.

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New iTunes Borks Ringtones

September 17, 2007

Apparently the new iTunes updater (7.4.2) reverses quite a lot of our recent industrious work-arounds to “roll our own” ringtones. As I’ve not yet updated iTunes on the MBPro (which is what my iPhone syncs to…) I’m not yet in a position to say just how things are looking.

[EDIT: Confirmed… the ringtones I created with the cleverboy/AtomicParsley method are now rendered DOA. Ever more, it shows how (choosing words carefully/wisely) controlling Apple is inclined to be with their platforms… be it iTunes, iPhone, ADC…]

Roll Your Own iPhone Ringtones (HOWTO VIDEO)

September 12, 2007

or via Stage6 (much higher resolution) once they’ve screened my upload.

Oh this is TOO easy. Apple, you poohed the screwch this time.

I just took White Wedding from Billy Idol (an mp3 in my iTunes Library) and turned it into a ring tone (I named it WeddingRing, ain’t that too cute?). Here’s how:

You’ll need iTunes 7.4.1 and AtomicParsley, a cross-platform, open-source executable which will modify a meta setting in your audio file. (yeah, you heard me! That’s all that sets a ringtone apart from other Tunes. heheh!)

I set my iTunes Advanced preferences to Import with the AAC Encoder (that yields the necessary .m4a file.

Then I selected my song from within iTunes and went to the “Advanced” menu selecting “Convert to AAC”

Now, I have two “White Weddings” in my playlist. One is an mp3 and the other is an m4a (You can tell the difference by selecting one and performing a “get info” on the song cmd+i on Macs).

Now, drag the .m4a song to your desktop. Rename it to something logical like “ringtone.m4a”.

Got AtomicParsley? Good. Now to run that baby in your OSX Terminal start by dragging the AtomicParsley file directly into the terminal window. Go ahead don’t be shy… It should simply write a line of path info in the Terminal.

Now, drag your ringtone.m4a file into the Terminal. Again, it should simply write a path to the m4a file to the Terminal window.

Now, type in –stick value=14

You should be seeing something like:

~/Desktop/AtomicParsley-MacOSX-0.9.0 geraldb28$ /Users/geraldb28/Desktop/AtomicParsley-MacOSX-0.9.0/AtomicParsley /Users/geraldb28/Desktop/Wedding.m4a –stik value=14

If not, I’ve either confused you (sorry) or you’ve missed a step. But, if your Terminal reads like the line above… press RETURN.

A new TEMP file has been created in the same directory as your m4a (should be on your Desktop if you followed along above). Now, simply take that new file, rename IT to something useful to you like “WeddingRingtone.m4a” or whatever…

DELETE the original NON-ringtone m4a file from your iTunes Playlist (yes, send it to the iTunes Trash).

Now, double click on your newly minted m4a file on your desktop (the one which was until a few seconds ago a temp file). It should launch iTunes and park it in your Ringtones Library.

All your applause really should go to gryphondwb. What a beautiful bit of hackery.

I can imagine Apple with rectify this little revenue black hole with iTunes 7.4.2. That, or they’ll let us have our little haxies while the mainstream gleefully ponies up their $.99.

[EDIT: Video of the not-so-hard way above will be posted tonight. Also, I’m working on a Mac app to do this without any Terminal gyrations. Stay “tuned”.]

iTunes 7.4 Is Out (link)

September 6, 2007

Here you go.
The 7.4 update via Software Update weighs in at 38.5 Mb and does NOT require a restart. Although, you will have to quit iTunes to apply the update.

Speaking Of The Zune…

September 6, 2007

el Jobso announced his engagement with Starbucks complete with an icon on the new iPod deck and everything. Ah, l’amour.

Wonder how long it will be before those others guys get a Denny’s icon on their Zunes?

Furthermore, since Apple Stores play some better-than-average tunes… wonder how long it’ll be before we can wi-fi into the iTunes Store while in an Apple Store?Kinda makes sense, n’est pas?

Universally Dumb (NBC-Style)

August 31, 2007

Boycott Universal

NBC | Universal Studios has just clenched the “Stupid” Pennant.

Not only did they cede fisrt place to (I’m going to presume) Fox in the iTunes pecking order only because 24 sales have to be big behind The Office. They’ve poisoned the well for the Universal Music side of the house. Apple, on the other hand, has flexed their muscle in true titan fashion and held fast to their pricing model.

Hooray for Apple and a pox on Universal. I still maintain my personal position on boycotting all things Universal on iTunes.

[EDIT: Now, Universal | NBC are crying foul that Apple’s the one to blame for the breakdown of talks. Wah, wah. Last I checked iTune’s is Apple’s to do with as they please. The studios were just taught a pretty compelling lesson: They need iTunes just as much as Apple needs them. I see Wal*Mart stores doing this VERY thing with physical DVDs ALL the time. The studios may not like being over the barrel. But, they’re making money. Give em time. They’ll learn to like the cabbage.]