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AppleTV Runs Leopard

March 23, 2007

It’s pretty obvious folks. AppleTV runs a mod of Leopard.

The screen saver for one: Core Animation.

I’m going to enjoy watching how this first OS update behaves. Does the device auto update? (probably). Can it be updated by an Apple Update Server on the network? (Ah! Now THAT’s kind of interesting talk!) After all the build in the unit I have is 8N5107. Which is conspicuously enumerated betwixt Tiger and Leopard’s seeds naming conventions. Hmm?

OK, for the conclusive bit I’d like to offer one last bit of puffery (which, alas, I cannot prove out myself at present). Has anyone connected the unit directly to their Mac and tried to BOOT off of it? Haven’t seen or heard of that trick being attempted yet… NOTE: I cannot be held liable for whatever (good or bad) comes of this musing. Beware, foul things could happen as a result should you try this.

I’m particularly interested to see how it behaves in conjunction with the latest Leopard seed. Shouldn’t be any different. But, you never know… All the doors and windows are less than locked down on the seeds…

AppleTV Manual

March 22, 2007

It’s now online and available at Apple’s manual’s site… Enjoy!

AppleTV Preferences (IMAGE)

March 20, 2007

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Unboxing photos to be posted ASAP!

Blogs the world over are about to have similar pics… Hope I’m early to the dance.

Go to iTunes prefs (you’ll need the NEWEST iTunes update) and then you’ll see the AppleTV prefs. Once your AppleTV is up and running guess what you’d be seeing!? 🙂

AppleTV (click for larger image)

All makes perfect sense as iTunes is the LOGICAL conduit Apple has with parity across platforms. Brilliant!

tv Is NOW Shipping

March 13, 2007

Evidence of tv in the newest QuickTime (Pro?) update [LINK].

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Apple Discussion Forums lit up yesterday regarding credit cards being charged (finally) for the tv orders.

I ordered mine coupla weeks ago and can confirm as well. Wouldn’t have noticed had it not been for the forums lighting up like that. Don’t think they can charge a card or debit an account without actual release of product. Online Apple Store and Apple’s 800# don’t yet reflect it. But, a quick and simple question to the sales agent on the phone confirmed Apple will only bill the order once the shipping is “imminent”.

So, here we go!

(EDIT: Confirmed with Apple… see pic below)


I’ll have some pretty spiffy unboxing ritual to unload on you in the next several days. So stick around.

Apple’s at NAB 2007

March 13, 2007

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A month and one day from now isTomorrow’s the big opening day at NAB 2007 and it’s surprisingly quite surrounding the event. Which doesn’t mean anything other than it’s NOTICEABLY quite before NAB. Google’s Dr. Schmidt will be headlining. Which ought to be interesting in and of itself due to the Viacom lawsuit against YouTube. Doubt he’ll have much to say other than what we’ve already heard come out of their circled wagons.

But, isn’t it interesting Dr. Schmidt will be there (he’s on the Apple Board of Directors in addition to heading up the Googleplex)… I’m betting Apple will be there announcing things. LOTS of things.

So, let’s play a little happy-happy, joy-joy. Shall we? [EDITED 4/11/7]

  • Apple’s big media guns are maybe working on an 8-core bad boy. That’s NAB worthy. ANNOUNCED AND SHIPPING!
  • Apple TV’s supposed to be released mid-March… Technically, March 2 is “mid-march”. But, March 14 is far more “mid-March-ish”. Dontcha think? ANNOUNCED AND SHIPPING!
  • Final Cut Studio Pro is due for a nudge up the version chain… Good NAB material.
  • Finally, 10.4.9 was just released with a QuickTime and iTunes update the week prior. And while I haven’t exactly peeked, poked and prodded for a new Apple TV plist… I’m betting it’s in there somewhere lurking to be found. (I’ll post more should I find anything). ANNOUNCED AND SHIPPING!
  • [EDIT: ??? Wonder if the Apple Corp Beatle’s Collection would be suitable fare for an NAB announce…. waiting and waiting… Now, in light of my obvious overly excited state of wanting something, ANYTHING new to come out of Cupertino… I’m hopeful Apple might actually introduce the Beatle’s collection on APRIL 14th to the tune of “Tax Man”. Back to my gibbering and calendar confusion.]

So, for lack of anything definitively “new” there’s rumors of a QuickTime API coming soon (Leopard or later) and some “core” tie-in’s. QuickTime needs some new juice. DivX is kicking their butts hard.

There’s also the “secret features” of Leopard lurking out there somewhere and I’m jonesing hard for some Bittorrent announcement telling of the much anticipated integration with 10.5. That would just so totally blow the industry away at NAB. Noodle that for a bit… don’tcha think?

AppleTV On Order

February 23, 2007

Well, took the plunge and have an AppleTV on order.

This should be interesting. And, before you give me a lot of grief… I’m not too bent about the fact it’s “lacking” in the HD dept. For my tradeshow purposes coming up… it’s plenty powerful to wow the crowd.

Unboxing (ritual) will commence upon arrival (and will be fully photographed).

Would You Like DRM With That?

January 16, 2007

So, ok, this iTunes Store thing is beginning to ding me pretty seriously and I’m on board with Robert Scoble’s jones for HD content. I’ve spent upwards of $50 in the last two months on movies, music (non-Universal Music Group titles BTW) and television programming on the iTunes Store. Do I seem to mind DRM? At first glance, no. I’m eating that dog food right? Yes and no. I’d prefer ZERO DRM truth be told.

That’s not the world we live in right now is it? I’d like fried Twinkies for breakfast. THAT ain’t gonna happen… isn’t in the program right now. But, either is widespread HD content (with or without DRM). So, I’m happily consuming what IS available.

And, know what, I’m liking it for the most part. No commercials. Watch it as many times as I want anywhere I want (except on that 1080 set).

A little dollop of HD would be nice. But, we’ll wait for iTV to take off and see what neat new possibilities come about. Apple still has that big facility they bought that hasn’t quite lit up yet… Time will tell.

The primary reason for this post is, unlike Mr. Scoble, I feel confident Apple’s product managers monitor the discussions ABOUT them (without actively taking part) and form products around where the hockey puck is going to be… to blatantly borrow from a recent keynote.

DVD Jon Fairplays Apple

October 2, 2006

GigaOM » DVD Jon Fairplays Apple

So, let me get this straight… Jon Lech Johansen (aka DVD Jon) has reverse engineered the FairPlay DRM and has now put some DRM of his own together that works okie dokie on the iPod. Uh huh.

And, how, exactly does this not get him sued?

Or, put more precisely. If Apple can shut the door behind them on DRM once… and with the quick generation of new devices how long do you think they’ll allow competing (if essentially same) DRMs to function on their gear?

REVIEW: iTunes 7 QT 7.1.3

September 12, 2006

Aside from iTunes Store probably getting the snot kicked out of it right now… I like it.

Trying to buy Hitchhikers Guide (Ian loves the robot) and it’s saying the Store’s having some problems. Must be fixed now… Single click purchase a second ago worked just fine. Pulling down 1.22 Gb so far. Also has a “pause all” button. And IT’S WIDESCREEN!!! Oh yeah, I’m liking it a LOT right about now. Except for the speed of the download. Why they didn’t do a Bittorrent style distributed download I’ll never know!?

Interface is tidied up. Furniture is still where we left it… just different icons now. Probably shades of Leopard.

Also, it now reminds you to back your purchased stuff up. That’s a nice touch seeing as how Time Machine is coming soon as a feature in Leopard.

QuickTime 7.1.3 appears to allow for Flash playback too in the preferences. Dont’ know if that’s only QT Pro or not (as I don’t have the non-pro version to test from). Wonder if that’s new?

Showtime Full Coverage

September 11, 2006

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Stream is on!

Coverage doesn’t stop here. I’ll be updating on the streaming situation and the software update timing. Stay tuned!

Store is back up. Am downloading iTunes7 now via iTunes website (not available yet in Software Update).

iTunes 7 requires a QuickTime update to 7.1.3! Well, sure it does! 🙂