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MySQL, Tiger Server 10.4.5 and mysqlManager.plist

March 2, 2006

A bit more technical than my usual posting and most definitely over my own head. But, there will be those of you out there (if not now, soon) who will face this very problem:

I just upgraded all three of my Tiger Server boxes to 10.4.5 from 10.4.3.

All but one of them made the transition beautifully. The problem child has JBoss and MySQL driving a vertical search site pushing over 800,000 documents. Well, after reving to 10.4.5 this server decided to no longer respond as before. So, for those of of you out there who have yet to bite the bullet and go to 10.4.5 (or for those who are researching what has gone wrong after your upgrade) here’s what got me out of the weeds. A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO MY MIRACLE WORKER – FRED TOTH! Who loves ya baby!?

Ok, so after your upgrade, jboss was reporting

“can’t connect…”, and “connection refused” when it tried to
talk to mysql.

mysql command line connections worked fine.

The java connection information (within the jboss config) looks like


Note that this specfies a TCP/IP connection to localhost, port 3306. Manually
testing that port also yielded “connection refused”.

However, on the dev system, I can connect to port 3306 with no problem.

I noticed in the process table that mysqld was running with “–skip-networking”.
That didn’t sound right! Documentation says “don’t listen to network ports at all”.
Again, the dev server did not have “–skip networking”.

So somehow the upgrade changed the mysqld startup options.

Finally, and partly by luck, I found the file “/etc/mysqlManager.plist”. It was timestamped
today and contained:


Changing the “no” to “yes” and rebooting (because I don’t know how to start/stop
mysqld) cured the problem.



This indeed, fixed the problem and all is well in my world again. And, I sincerely hope it serves to help some poor schmo out there wondering how he’s going to fare when his boss invariably delivers the evil eye. Never fear. Solution is here!

Oracle CAN Mess It Up

February 22, 2006

My rants last week (here) and (here) regarding Oracle potentially screwing up JBoss is not unfounded. Just look at what they’re doing to Taking it just a bit further… would seem there’s a pattern… maybe.

And, despite Marc Benioff’s letter to the contrary… If Oracle and their vendors can’t get data centers right… who can!?

Oracle, Opensource, Considerable Skepticsm? Yep.

February 19, 2006

Stephen Ogrady’s threw a long bomb right into the numbers.

“There is considerable skepticism, then, as to whether Oracle – who candidly does not enjoy a sterling reputation in its dealing with some open source players – would be simply embracing open source, or embracing as a mere prelude to extending and extinguishing.”


JBoss Acquired by Oracle. WTF!?

February 16, 2006

OK, the BFD I launched on Jan 1 relies heavily on JBoss. I mean HEAVILY.

So, when an open source effort like this gets snapped up by one of the big proprietary shops… I just gotta wonder – WHY!? What did they ever do to Larry to deserve THAT!?

Besides, just short of $500 million for what JBoss represents? C’mon guys. I think Oracle was being stingy.

I just hope they don’t screw up a good thing.