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Tim Cook, We Hardly Knew Ye

January 14, 2009

Unless you’ve been living under a rock all day… (and I was) The news du jour is Tim Cook, Apple’s COO, has the day to day while Steve Jobs is getting his shiz back together. Wish I could say, “Called that one back in 2007.” But, what were Apple’s options? REALLY?! Where did they have to turn? Lookit!…

  • Meg Whitman’s off on a whiff to go all Gubernator 2.0 on us. So, she’s off the short list.
  • Gates is too busy selling shoes with Jerry Seinfeld.
  • Carol Bartz and Jerry Yang have new gigs.
  • But, wait, Sue Decker came available… Hmmm…

Nah! Cook gets it. As much as I’d like to see Ive run the show… the professional manager Cook is the right call. Just so long as Ive gets all the aluminum his not-so-little CNC mill can munch, Phil Schiller is re-assigned to iChat evangelist and Bertrand Serlet is given the state of Oregon as his annual bonus for all the goodness we’re going to get in Snow Leopard.

And, you heard it here… Jobs ain’t coming back folks. He’s out. He just doesn’t acknowledge it (publicly) yet. He’s going to retire across the board – Apple and Disney – in one fell swoop. He’s earned his place in history plus some. Exit. Stage right.

There Must Be a Full Moon

May 30, 2007


At least they were complimentary of one another. One might think they actually liked one another even! Is that possible?