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One Of The Good Guys

March 26, 2007

Bad things happen to good people (sometimes) and Kathy Sierra of Creating Passionate Users certainly is the undeserving recipient of a load of Bad. Our family is praying for her safety and the identification of the perpetrators.

I’m not inclined to react as the Scoble’s have. Certainly don’t fault them at all. I’m inclined to keep on keeping on. When crud like this happens I think a retreat mentality just won’t serve any good purpose. Michelle and I talked about safety just the other day. It’s why my kids pictures are no longer in my Flickr account. I disagreed. But, they’re gone. That’s marriage. That’s parenting.

Once her composure is back I’d still love to see what Kathy had in store for eTech. In fact, I think it would be awesome if Robert Scoble filmed Kathy’s presentation and streamed it as a for pay download. I’d go for that in a heartbeat. RFN. Kathy, stand up to these punks and don’t let them get you down!