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“A Tale of Two Founders” aka “Rough Air Ahead”

March 6, 2009

Rough Air Ahead

Next week I’ll be delivering a talk titled “A Tale of Two Founders” at the OpenBeta2 event in Oklahoma City. If you’ve ever thought of starting a business, let alone a dot com, I’m going to do something that gets me well outside my comfort zone (thanks for setting THAT bar so high Loic!) and takes us to a very transparent place about the good (lots), the bad (far and few) and the ugly (yes, there is broken glass occasionally) of my startup, I’m going to deliver a no-holds-barred, up close and VERY personal, roll your sleeves up peek behind the curtain of a dot com startup determined to make it in Oklahoma. From being down to our last 87 cents to the threat of lawsuits to the highs of raising capital to weathering the media attention and a few forward looking statements that require me to invoke dirty words like “Sarbanes Oxley.” If you’re a VC or an angel investor with intentions of attending this talk please give me a heads up so I’ll at least know where the heckling is coming from and why.


Grocio’s past week and a half has been… interesting. I’ll stop short of saying it was difficult. It wasn’t. Not particularly. It was a challenge of patience and discipline to not spontaneously combust. But, it wasn’t difficult. Clear as mud? And, it was this past week and a half that hatched the idea for this particular talk. There are maybe half a dozen people in the know of what the key peeps around Grocio had to go through last week. Who said ANYTHING about crime scene tape!? If you’re the least bit curious of a few of the highs and lows you’re in for as a startup… hot foot it to the OpenBeta2 web site and register to attend (7pm Thursday, March 12th, okcCoCo, 715 Hudson Ave, Oklahoma City).

I’ll be headed out of Tulsa shortly after 5 on Thursday. If you’d like a ride in the Startup Mobile I’ve lovingly named “Bootstrap” you’d do well to call “shotgun” quick. WARNING: I *do* drive fast (not kiding) and the Odwalla and RedBull will flow freely. Yes, I find bribing geeks to be very effective. If we don’t die a fiery death on the Turner Turnpike, we’ll be back to Tulsa around 1 am Friday morning.

Finally, I’m whoring hiring myself out quite a bit lately with speaking gigs, writing magazine articles and guest blogging. It’s something I find I like doing. If you need an irreverent (not to be confused with irrelevant) delivery to wake up your audience, call or text me at (918) 813-9745. You will advance straight to the head of the line if you’re offering a ride on a nuclear submarine, a tandem jump, a ride along with the Life Flight helicopter crew or a contract to publish my book “Rough Air Ahead”. You think I’m kidding!? No siree, I’m not. Those are top of my Bucket List and if I don’t bag them all by 1 am next Friday morning… I’m plain screwed.

Well, well… iGoogle Apps For iPhone Today

January 14, 2008

Seems like LOTS of cats are getting out of the bag a tad early so as not to steal the thunder (or get lost in the storm)?

[EDIT: Thinking I like the Google implementation of the click preview in Google Reader (ala Snap Previews). Nice job guys. Could be it was there and I just didn’t see it before.]

Imminent Reality Distortion Field Failure

June 11, 2007

Methinks, having watched the keynote, the Reality Distortion Field is in serious need of a One on One MacGenius assist. I can only imagine the parties tonight are placing a high amount of pressure on third parties to step up and tow the line cause the OS we saw today… doesn’t inspire me to do jack-squat I wasn’t already working on.

One of the Apple Dev Directors was crowing about how many new non-Mac developers are switching to Mac. Fine! Show me how much easier XCode 3 is going to be. Show me how Java Runtime and J2EE and Rails and the other frameworks are more compelling than what I’m beating on now (whether that’s XCode 2 or .Net). QuickLook’s nice and all and the Safari beta 3 is a nice gesture… no, really… But, I’m a DEVELOPER… I think that third letter in WWDC stands for something and it isn’t DISTORTION.

Please, bring Bertrand back onstage. (We missed John Mayer too btw.)

LiveBlogging WWDC 2007

June 11, 2007

Please, consider adding the gwhiz blog to your RSS feed reading. Thanks!WHAT!? No John Mayer to play out the keynote?ONE LAST THING… iPHONE. Developers? Now have an innovative solution… Via Safari browser you can write AJAX apps running like desktop apps. Instant distribution. No SDK necessary. Live June 29. Author to Safari for look and feel of the phone. DEMO of “The Apple Directory”. LDAP powered. One man-month to dev. THAT all looks like it’s running off of the TEAMS Leopard Server… Hmmm…ONE MORE THING… SAFARI. At 5% and growing. 18M Safari users. IE at 78%, FireFox at 15%. OOOOHHHH Safari for Windows! Makes sense: They did it with iTunes. Doing it for Safari. Leopard. XP and Vista. Benchmarks look good. Rearrangeable tabs. Tearoff tabs. Fastest browser on Windows. Distributing by way of $129 (for Premium edition, Ultimate version AND Business version) :)Only developers at WWDC gets a beta copy of Leopard!? I hope that doesn’t mean what it sounded like!…10) TIME MACHINE. Autobackup. Just does it. Getting something back easy and not onerous at all. Restore one file or a whole Mac. Intuitive tools to go back in file’s lifetime. Find it. Restore it.9) iCHAT. Video conferencing is HARD. Photobooth has sexed up iChat. Tabs. DEMO. Phil again… iChat Theater’s nice, shares real time transition, effects with other parties. Show video too. If it works with QuickLook… works with iChat. Backdrops are like greenscreen and keying.8) DASHBOARD. Since Tiger. Widgets at 3,000 or so. Movie Times will be Apple’s newest widget with Preview, Fandango tie in. (Probably teeing up an iPhone thing). Webclips via Safari DEMO. Makes Dashboard widgets directly from Safari.7) SPACES. Easily segment apps into seperate screen views. Move apps between views. View all available spaces quickly. Looks nicely done… audio plays only though active space for instance although audio might be active on another hidden space.6) BOOT CAMP. Built in. XP and Vista at native speeds. Easy to install drivers (on CD/DVD).5) CORE ANIMATION. Simple to implement. High yield, low effort. Remember the AppleTV intro… done with Core Animation. VERY sexy stuff.4) FULL 64-BIT GOODNESS. Through Cocoa. Totally mainstream. First ones there. Apple will only have ONE os and it WILL run both 64 and 32-bit apps. Handled differently. Still works fine though. 64-bit goes straight to memory. 32 to disk. 64 LOTS faster (x5). DEMO on large pic 32k/32k pixels (zooming, filters, etc). VERY fluid.3) QUICKLOOK. Peek inside any file on your Mac. Plugin architecture available. In coverflow just press spacebar. DEMO: Boom, Boom, BOOM! 🙂 Can do in full-screen too.2) NEW FINER (YEAH! x2) Cleaned up. More powerful. Spotlight searches YOUR mac. Finder searches other Macs. Coverflow in Finder (fourth ‘view’ button). New sidebar remininiscent of iTunes. .Mac integration updates IP’s etc. Smart search… smarter (“today, “yesterday”, etc). Shares are much more like iTunes shares. ENCRYPTED! Browse home computer from anywhere. Smart icons (finally) hint at document contents. DEMO. New tabs in .Mac prefs pane… Sharing between Work and Home.Stacks are kinda cool for file and folder cleanup. Newest doc on top of fan of stuff. Use it as launcher. Special download stack for Safari.1) New Desktop – (YEAH!) Transparent menu bar, new dock + angled edges, STACKS?, consistency, brushed metal is DEAD. Active window prominence. High res/resolution-independent. DEMO.Tiger’s new FEATURES22 million mac users. 67% Tiger. 23% Panther. 10% other.Id Games… New stuff ID Tech 5. Virutal worlds looking stuff. Quake video running in realtime. Dev’d in last 10 days.Electronic Arts is coming back to Mac. Big! Gaming migration back to Mac in general. C&C3, Battlefield 2142, N4S Carbon, Harry Potter + Phoenix (all in July) Simultaneous release schedules. Apologizes for the trash talk. Impressive demo of Harry P. Madden and Tiger Woods in August.Paul Otellini gets a stainless steel award of some kind… Knife set!? Paul O, “Apple partnership is best of my career.”((Apple Store is DOWN))Last year was “Intel”. Lots of Universal apps now. Intel busted their tail making this a successful transistion. Extraordinary. Intel CEO onstage.Real Steve… 159 sessions this week. 94 hands on labs. 1 engineer per four attendees.PC guy’s fake Steve on video. Closing apple down. Vista, Zune outgunning Apple. Tossing it in. Lots of fun.”Welcome” over P.A. Here we go!Are those brushed metal iMacs on the podium!?9:45 and all are seated. Muzac playing.From MacRumorsLiveWhat could it be? Hmm…t-minus 30 mins. Smoke em if you got em. The MASSIVE keynote line’s moving.

Dumbstruck. Simply Dumbstruck.

January 10, 2007

Version 1 of the iPhone isn’t that persuasive a device. Here’s why…

8 Gb storage. C’mon! OS X is going to chew up an ungodly portion of that and if it doesn’t then the OS is residing somewhere we don’t yet know about. So, carve off 1 Gb for the OS. How much more do you carve off for storage of music? Videos? Another 4 and probably more? OK, so we’re down to a svelt 3 Gb left. Quite a few of my Picture folder and their documents are bloating up there and would easily chew up the remaining 3 Gb.

Can I load my other apps? Mozilla? Firefox? Opera? Copy/Paste? TextExpander? You get the idea. The answer is probably not on version 1. Besides, there’s no space left.

OK, the FCC will probably approve this deal in flank speed. Apple will camp out in Washington to get it in and out. It’s just their velvet hammer approach. So, when it is approved the FCC is going to REQUIRE them to ship an unlocked version in the states. Absolutely true. There will have to be an unlocked version of this thing. That said, I’m curious to know how it will behave on someone else’s EDGE GSM network… like say, oh, TMobile. Keep in mind the selective voicemail “magic” is a Cingular trick. Will it work on TMobile? Will the unlocked phone be crippled to some degree? Yeah, the unlocked phone will probably have a reduced feature set.

Now, to it’s good… This phone is really sexy. The design is very simply minimalistic and elegant.

An oddity or two

  • One button called “home”. (But, how the hell do you turn the thing on and off? Hmm?)
  • Hip holsters anyone?
  • Touch screens get so grimy and scratched…
  • Device coverage for oopsies?

MacWorld LIVE Coverage

January 9, 2007

There is no better coverage right now than at Engadget (just have to reload a lot). would be a close second.

Apple Tablet

September 27, 2006

Had a management consultant in today. He’s banging away on a Toshiba tablet PC. I recall when he first got it how happy and proud he was with it. Keyword… WAS.

He’s not happy. Not one bit. His pen cursor weirds out on him regularly. Norton and co are constantly pinging him for autoupdate attention (to which he banishes them for another “little while”). Then he turns and says, “How do you like your Apple? I really like the simplicity of it all. Is it really as easy as it looks?”

Oh, the joy! I whipped up a quick Keynote slide and dropped one of the Apple Ads in. He was floored. Something so simple and he’s hot to purchase.

He’s getting a PowerBook. But, he’d really rather have an Apple Tablet. (Yeah, me too!)